Motorcycle Safety

Summer 2024 motorcycle classes are offered by Adirondacks and Beyond Motorcycle Safety, LLC. You can see class dates, register (select SUNY Canton as the location) and make payment directly on the Adirondack and Beyond Motorcycle Safety site.

Adirondacks & Beyond Motorcycle Safety LLC

Motorcycle Class: Basic Rider Course I (BRC I)

The BRC I motorcycle class is the core class of our program. This is where thousands of entry-level students (little or no previous experience) have learned the mental and physical basics of motorcycle riding, and in the process, earned their NYS Class “M” license.   Also, if you are a returning rider who hasn’t ridden in many years, this is the class for you. This course includes an online E-Course, plus riding components.

  • Successful completion earns NYS Motorcycle Road Test Waiver (MSF BRC Completion Card).
  • NYS Residents MUST have a valid NYS Driver’s License or valid Motorcycle License. This MUST be shown to RiderCoaches at the beginning of class to participate.
  • Non-NYS residents need a driver’s license to take the class. Check with your home state DMV for Completion Card acceptance.
  • Motorcycles supplied.
  • Completion of Online E Course (approx 5 hrs) prior to class start. (Cost of Online E-Course is included in tuition.)
  • Classes Available at SUNY Adirondack, Queensbury, NY and SUNY Canton, Canton, NY.
  • Students under the age of 18 must have parent or guardian accompany them to the first riding day session to sign legal waiver. If this is not possible, call 518-668-5589 to make other arrangements. Call for more information regarding Junior Licensing.

A student rides a motorcycle past Newell Vet Tech Center.

Basic Rider Course II for License Waiver (BRC II LW)

You have had your learner’s permit for a while and do not want to take a 2 day beginner course because you are a proficient rider, but you really want to get your license, but you can’t make arrangements to get to the DMV for the road test. Sound familiar? Well, the BRC II for License Waiver is just what you have been looking for.

This is not a beginner’s basic class. YOU MUST HAVE A NYS MOTORCYCLE LEARNER’S PERMIT AND A NYS DRIVER’S LICENSE TO TAKE THIS CLASS (Out-of-state riders need only their drivers license. Out-of-state riders: check with your state’s DMV to make sure the NYS BRC II for license waiver is accepted by your state for license).

  • This is a one-day class for higher than “beginner level” skilled riders looking to get their license and begin to ride legally.
  • There is an online e-component that must be completed prior to class that takes 2+ hours to complete.
  • There is a three hour classroom component.
  • There is a riding/range component with riding skill evaluation.
  • Successful students earn a class completion card that the DMV will honor as a Road Test Waiver, eliminating the need to arrange a riding test at the DMV.

Advanced Rider Course

Truly, a course for the experienced rider, the ARC introduces advanced riding techniques including the effects of weight placement and trail braking when cornering. Before enrolling, students should be well versed in the basic skills of cornering and swerving, and have good throttle control and braking skills.

The outdoor classroom component explores personal risk tolerance, cornering lines, and the effects changing the combined center of gravity has on cornering.

Riders that adopt the techniques explored in this class are able to corner with less effort and have increased ground clearance. (Especially important to “Cruiser” style bikes). Left / right corner transitions become light and easy. Better cornering lines makes riding easier and safer.

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