Scholarship Appeal Information

When should you submit a scholarship appeal?

  • If you did not meet the GPA requirement at the end of the renewal period based on documented extenuating circumstances.
  • If you want to request time off from your studies at SUNY Canton. You must submit a Scholarship Appeal prior to the term(s) that you plan to be away from SUNY Canton. The appeal should state the reason(s) you are requesting time away from SUNY Canton. If you leave SUNY Canton without requesting the time off, you will not be reinstated to the scholarship program upon your return except in extenuating circumstances which can be documented. The SUNY Canton Scholarship Committee will evaluate your situation and make a decision to approve or deny.
  • If you wish to appeal a scholarship award amount, you must submit a scholarship appeal form. Please submit any supporting documentation as to why you are requesting additional funds. For example, award letters and documentation.

What is required for a scholarship appeal?

You must complete and sign the Scholarship Appeal Form.

Who makes the decision on scholarship appeals?

The Scholarship Committee chaired by the Scholarship Coordinator, Mary Jo James.

How do I find the results of my scholarship appeal?

You will be notified by e-mail of the committee’s decision within 7-10 business days. Incomplete applications and requests for additional documentation will cause delays. Please plan accordingly in case you experience a delay in your scholarship appeal. You will be responsible for any late charges.

What are my options if my scholarship appeal is denied?

You have the right to resubmit a denied appeal if you have new information with supporting documentation.

If I raise my GPA can I regain my SUNY Canton sponsored scholarship?

Not necessarily. If you lose your scholarship, it cannot automatically be reinstated. You must submit a new scholarship application and be re-selected based on the strength of your academic record and application responses. You may also be considered for another scholarship.


Are the renewal requirements different for all of my university sponsored scholarships?

A: Yes. Renewal requirements for the various scholarship programs will vary. It is your responsibility to know your scholarship renewal requirements. You can review the renewal requirements for the appealable scholarships by following this link: Scholarship Requirement Contract.


Who do I contact in the Office of Student Financial Assistance for scholarship appeals?

You may contact the Scholarship Coordinator, Mary Jo James, for questions concerning scholarship appeals: 315-386-7502 or


Scholarship Appeal Form

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