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Distinguished Alumni Nomination Form

This award may be presented to a SUNY Canton Alumni who excels in the following areas:

Dedicated Service to the College:

An alumna/us who has served the SUNY Canton College Community in an outstanding way. A person who has gone beyond ordinary commitments to college associations. Someone who has contributed to higher education, through advancement, athletics, academics or research. A person whose service, philanthropic or recruiting has positively affected SUNY Canton.

Community Involvement:

An alumna/us who has served the community above and beyond the call of duty. Someone whose exceeds what is required in organizations and groups. A person whose insights and leadership effect community programs and interests. Someone who has demonstrated success in working with people in the community.

Professional Employment (if applies):

An alumna/us who excels on the employment scene and has more than utilized the education received at SUNY Canton. Someone who has demonstrated leadership and excellence in their career. A person who is cutting edge, who goes beyond the usual way of conducting business, research, teaching, etc. Someone whose hard work and dedication has been awarded with professional achievements.