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Meal Plan Terms and Conditions

  • Meal plans are a contract between you and College Association, Inc. Dining Services and are regulated by NYS law.
  • All students who live on campus are required to have a residential meal plan.
  • Your SUNY Canton ID card identifies you as owner of a dining meal plan. It must be presented to the cashier every time you eat a meal. The cards are non-transferable and can only be used by the owner. DO NOT LEND YOUR ID CARD TO ANYONE. If presented by anyone other than the owner, it will be confiscated for your protection.
  • Meals are to be eaten in Chaney Dining Center, which is an all you can eat facility with multiple food stations and a wide variety of products. No food is allowed to be taken out of the dining center.
  • “Swipes” refer to the number of meals available with that meal plan in any one week. The meal plan runs from Monday through Sunday. No credit for swipes will be given due to illness or any other circumstance resulting in you missing a swipe. If you are ill and in need of a sick tray, please contact Chaney Dining Center at 315-386-7179 or if you’ve visited the Davis Health Center, they may contact us as well. You’ll need to request a friend, roommate or RA to pick up your meal. Sick trays are generally an all-liquid diet.
  • Plan balances do not “rollover” from one semester to another.
  • Changes to meal plans must be made by Friday of the first full week of classes.
  • If there are any special dietary needs or accommodations, College Association Dining works directly with the Davis Health Center, and Accessibility Services to provide students with necessary meals. For more information, please contact Sue Law, Director of Dining at 315-386-7634.
  • Students with 10, 14, or unlimited meal plans receive 5 guest passes that can be used at Chaney Dining Center, and may redeemed for a guest or as an added meal for yourself.
  • Students can check account balances, add funds and manage your card account by using the GET System; which can be accessed online at get.cbord.com or on the mobile app, GET Mobile. It is also used to report your ID card lost or found, make online deposits by debit or credit card and upload or update your ID photo.
  • Meal transfers or boxed meals are available to residential meal plan holders that have an academic or work conflict. Please stop by the College Association Dining Office (located in Chaney Dining Center) from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm, Monday – Friday with your ID and Schedule.

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