Meal Plan Terms and Conditions

SUNY Canton requires all students living on-campus to participate in a meal plan but all students may sign up to enjoy the convenience of dining on campus. All meal plans selected are annual (fall and spring) agreements. Students are billed for a new meal plan each semester.

Meal Plans are loaded onto your Campus ID and work similar to a debit card. Each time you visit Chaney Dining Center the staff will “swipe” your card and meals will be deducted from your plan.

  • Meal “Swipes” provide in-person access to our all-you-care-to-eat dining center (Chaney) and refer to the number of meals available with that meal plan in any one week. The meal plan runs from Monday through Sunday. No credit is awarded for “missing swipes” / non-usage of a meal plan.
  • Guest passes – Let you bring friends and family to dine with you in Chaney Dining Center. Students with 10, 14, or 19 meal plans receive 5 guest passes that may redeemed for a guest or as an added meal for yourself. Students who do not intend to use their guest passes may donate them via the Swipe it Forward program.
  • Campus Cash – Refers to dining dollars associated with your meal plan that may be used at on-campus retail locations (Cyber Cafe, Roos Court, Rendezvous, and the Campus Store) with the exception of the micro-market. Retail locations sell items a la carte and your Campus Cash is at dollar value. These locations also accept other forms of payment.
  • Your SUNY Canton ID card identifies you as owner of a dining meal plan. It must be scanned at check-in and/or presented to the cashier every time you eat a meal at Chaney. The cards are non-transferable and can only be used by the owner. DO NOT LEND YOUR ID CARD TO ANYONE. If presented by anyone other than the owner, it will be confiscated for your protection.
  • Chaney Dining Center is an all you can eat facility for in-person dining with multiple food stations containing a wide variety of products and menu offerings.
  • Takeaway is available via a token system for the Ozzi reusable container that comes with your meal plan. When using the takeout container option, the “swipe” is used for takeaway only. Diners fill their takeout containers from the available options. Takeout containers are not allowed to be eaten within the dining center and are considered one-trip.

Charges & Plan Balance

  • Changes to meal plans must be made by Friday of the first full week of classes.
  • Students can check account balances, add funds and manage your card account by using the GET System; which can be accessed online at or on the mobile app, GET Mobile. It is also used to report your ID card lost or found, make online deposits by debit or credit card and upload or update your ID photo.
  • Meal plans are non-transferable and are for the use of the meal plan holder only. Sharing meal plan funds is not permitted. Meal plans are a contract between you and College Association, Inc. Dining Services and are regulated by NYS law. All students who live on campus are required to have a residential meal plan.
  • Plan balances (i.e. unused “swipes”) do not “rollover” from one semester to another. The meal plan runs from Monday through Sunday.
  • No refunds can be issued unless a student withdraws from the College. (Any refunds will be prorated and service charges may apply). No refunds are issued in cases of disciplinary dismissal from the college.
  • At the end of the fall semester, students will be automatically assigned their current meal plan option for spring unless they select a different plan on UCanWeb.
  • College Association is able to accommodate many individual diets and most medically necessitated food requirements are available (Gluten Free, vegetarian, etc.). We do recognize, however, that there may be extenuating circumstances under which relief from the meal plan regulations may be appropriate. If you have a special medical condition that necessitates a modification or release from your meal plan contract, please contact the Dining Center in Chaney Dining Center (1st floor), contact, or call 315-386-7634 to discuss further.

College Association, Inc.
34 Cornell Drive
Canton, NY 13617

Administration: 315-386-7623
CA Student Support/Meal Plans: 315-386-7624
ID Cards: 315-386-7506
Business Services: 315-386-7210
Chaney Dining Center: 315-386-7634
Campus Center Store: 315-386-7319