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Counseling Center - About

An Overview

The Counseling Center works to promote a safe and positive atmosphere on campus. Our goal is to create an environment which is conducive to learning and developing a healthy lifestyle. Workshops, educational programs and activities contribute to overall student development, acknowledging that students achieve their unique qualities through interpersonal contacts, becoming aware of their individuality, and realizing they are capable of making responsible choices.

The Counseling Center is designed to provide short term, brief counseling. For individuals who require treatment or therapy beyond the scope of our staff, careful assessments/referrals are made to community based services/agencies.

The Counseling Center maintains an extensive collection of self-help and professional resources that students and staff utilize, including books, tapes, CDs, videos, workbooks and pamphlets.

How to Make an Appointment

To make an appointment with a counselor, you should phone the Counseling Center (315-386-7314) or stop by Miller Campus Center 225 and speak with our secretary. We do not offer on-line counseling or advice and ask that you do not contact us via E-mail. This policy is intended to maintain the highest level of service and confidentiality of information.

How to Refer A Student

Frequently faculty and staff are the first members of the college community to notice a troubled student. You should consider referring students for counseling if their problems have compromised their ability to function academically, personally, or socially.

Some observable signs of student distress are procrastination and poorly prepared work, infrequent class attendance, lack of energy, falling asleep in class, marked changes in personal habits, use of drugs and alcohol, disjointed thoughts and speech, high levels of irritability, crying, threats to harm oneself or others. Some students leave distressing remarks in written assignments, on exams, and in e-mails.

How You Can Intervene

  • talk to the student in private
  • specifically state your reasons for concern
  • listen carefully
  • avoid criticizing or sounding judgemental
  • discuss with the student that we have a confidential Counseling Service and the the counseling staff members are very good problem solvers
  • offer to accompany the student to the Counseling Center (Campus Center 225)
  • call to make a referral from your office so that the student will know what appointment times are available and the staff can determine the urgency of the request
  • contact the Counseling Center if you have any concerns that you feel we should investigate
  • contact University Police (315-386-7777) if it is an emergency or during evening hours