Academic Development Descriptions

BASK 051 College Success Strategies

Fall/Spring, 1 credit hour

This course is designed to help students successfully make the transition to college while developing a sense of responsibility for their own learning. Students practice a set of learning strategies focusing on such topics as time management, note-taking, textbook reading/memory improvement, goal setting, test preparation/taking, and critical thinking. Students learn and demonstrate basic library research skills, computer skills, and explore/identify personal learning styles, values, career choice, and attitudes toward diversity. Two hours lecture/lab per week. Course is required for all first-time EOP students

BASK 291-295, 391-395, OR 491-495 Special Topics in Academic Development

Fall/Spring, 1-4 credit hours

An introductory or more advanced exploration of topics not covered or only partially covered by other courses currently available. The course will be specified in the semester class schedule. Students may take two special topics courses for preparatory credit/credit as long as the topic is different.