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Section Codes & Definitions - Fall 2021

First Character

Second Character

Third Character

0 - Full Fifteen Week Course

0 - Place Holder # for Higher Section Numbers

# - Section Number

1 - First, Seven Week Course (1st half of semester)

A - First Block: Criminal Justice


2 - Second, Seven Week Course (2nd half of semester)

B - Second Block: Criminal Justice


A - Asynchronous

C - Third Block: Criminal Justice


C - Clinical Site

F - Flex Course


D - Directed Study

G - Remedial Course


I - Independent Study

H - Hybrid (online and face to face)


J - Criminal Justice 3-Week Block Course

M - Merged Attendance Sections


L - Laboratory Course

W - Online Course


R - Lectures w/ Rotated Recitation

Y - Canton Section Shared w/ SUNY Online


S - Synchronous



T - TRiO Course


U - SUNY Online Course


W - Online Course



Asynchronous (not at the same time): Students can access the online course at any time (course due dates must be met).

Synchronous (real-time): Students are required to attend the online course at a designated time.

Flex: Students seamlessly switch among the following 3 modalities; synchronous, asynchronous, or face to face, according to their needs, availability, or preference. Students select the attendance option on a per class basis.

Merged: Combines synchronous, asynchronous, and face to face modalities into one class. Has attendance requirements.

Recitation: Work outside of lecture where smaller groups of students learn how to apply the information they have learned in lecture, get clarification on the lecture/notes, and can ask additional questions.

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