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After the Trip - Research Foundation

Reimbursement of travel expenses requests must be submitted to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs within 30 days of departure. Completing your RF Travel Final Expense Form in a timely manner will ensure accurate claims and quicker reimbursements for the traveler.

RF Travel Final Expense Form (Excel format); Complete in Excel, print completed form and sign.

All expenses must be recorded and attached to a completed RF Travel Final Expense Form. By making sure the following  items are filled in or attached you can help expedite your reimbursement. Please note we CANNOT REIMBURSE A TRAVELER FOR SOMEONE ELSE’S TRAVEL COSTS.

  • Date and time of departure - this will determine if meals will be paid for. Meals may be reimbursed on the RF Travel Final Expense Form on a per diem basis based on location of lodging. If meals are provided or paid by another source related to the scheduled event, the traveler will not be reimbursed. If the traveler is opting to claim reimbursement at the full meal Per Diem meal allowance, then the Travel Card may not be used to purchase food and beverages.
  • Map quest mileage if you took your personal car
  • Original receipts for hotel, conference registration, rental cars, airline ticket stubs (or travel agency print out), for any charges you are claiming reimbursement for or have put on your travel card.
  • Method I MUST BE USED IF TRAVELER DOES NOT STAY IN A HOTEL. See overnight Travel Reimbursement link.
  • Sales tax for lodging is only reimbursable if it is out of NY State.
  • Non-overnight trips: when you take a day trip and are going to claim meals, you must have a receipt for all of the claimed meals (breakfast & dinner) to get up to the listed per diem. No reimbursement is allowed for lunch. Otherwise, you will only get reimbursed $5.00 for breakfast and $12.00 for dinner. Both are taxable since these are non-overnight trips.
  • Email or mail completed and signed RF Travel Final Expense Form to blackmonr@canton.edu at MAC 614 for processing.

Director of Research and Sponsored Programs
Betsy Rohr Adams
SUNY Canton
MAC 602
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Administrative Assistant I
Rebecca Blackmon