Paid Parental Leave

Paid Parental Leave (PPL) is available to all UUP, Management/Confidential, CSEA, And PEF employees. PPL provides eligible employees up to 12 (twelve) weeks of paid leave for one of the following qualifying events occurring within a 12-month period:

  • Birth of a child; or
  • Adoption of a child; or
  • Foster care placement


  • Employees with at least six months of State service are eligible if they work full-time or at least 50% part-time.
  • A full-time academic employee who has completed one semester on the payroll is eligible.
  • A part-time academic employee who is currently on payroll or assigned to teach, has completed at least one semester teaching six credits or credit equivalences, and who was on the payroll teaching any number of credits or credit equivalents during the semester immediately preceding the need for leave, is eligible.

If a part-time academic employee has not taught or is not scheduled to teach at least six credits or credit-equivalents in a semester for more than 18 months after gaining eligibility, they must re-establish eligibility as provided above.

Overview of the Program

  • PPL is available for use once every 12-month period.
  • A qualifying event will begin the 12-month period. PPL may begin on the date of birth, the day of adoption or foster care placement or anytime thereafter within seven months.
  • An employee’s ability to use PPL ends seven months from the date of the qualifying event.
  • PPL may be used in combination with all other paid and unpaid childcare leave benefits (PFL, FMLA and usage of accruals cannot run concurrently with PPL and may be taken at the appropriate time in addition to PPL.
  • PPL cannot be used intermittently and must be taken in a block of time. 
  • Employees do not have to take the full 12 weeks, but once they return from PPL, they can no longer use this leave.

To apply for PPL please fill out the Leave Request Form and return to the benefits coordinator in Human Resources 30 days prior to the leave date.


I recently had a baby - can this leave be retroactive?

To have your request reviewed for retroactivity, please email a Leave Request form to the benefits coordinator.

Can I still use other child care leave benefits?

Paid Parental Leave may be used in combination with other paid and unpaid childcare leave benefits. Usage of accruals cannot run concurrently with Paid Parental Leave and may be taken at the appropriate time in addition to Paid Parental Leave.

What if both parents are employed by a New York State Agency?

If both parents are employed by a New York State Agency, both parents may use PPL, even if they work for the same agency.

Am I still covered by my health insurance?

While using Paid Parental Leave, employees continue to be covered by their existing health insurance benefits. Employees continue to have health insurance premiums, retirement contributions, and other payroll deductions withheld from their paycheck.

Will I still earn accruals?

For time on Paid Parental Leave no monthly accruals or holidays will be earned.