Software Support


Banner is a higher-education application that processes academic information. It is SUNY Canton's central repository of data on students and faculty. Its various modules include student, faculty, financial aid, alumni, and finance. It has additional modules on payroll, human resources and workflow which at the moment are not implemented in SUNY Canton. With Banner, the campus is able to process and maintain a comprehensive history of data on the student starting from the recruitment and application phase, thru the entire time that they are actively enrolled in the campus, thru their graduation from the college and even past that as the student becomes an alumni. Banner also has a web-based self-service component that allows students, faculty and staff to access a website and perform a variety of functions online, including enrolling for a course, contacting advisors and instructors, accepting Financial Aid package, checking for class schedule, entering or accessing midterm and final grades, and accessing account information. Banner is widely used in the field of higher education, and more specifically in SUNY schools.


UCanWeb is a web-based self-service application which gives access to general and personal academic information for students at SUNY Canton. UCanWeb is a sub-system of BANNER. Since it is web-based, students can perform functions outside the campus and even in the comfort of their own home. This includes access to grades, class schedule, financial aid information, account information, and the ability to register for courses online. The personal information is contained in a secure area of the system and the user needs to login using a User ID and PIN.

Application Programming

IS has programming staff that maintains Banner, UCanWeb and other systems. Support services include fielding questions from users on usage of these systems, developing programs for reports, and developing programs for other applications. Platforms include Oracle, where Banner and UCanWeb are resident, and Microsoft Access.

Other Academic Software

Requested through the Help Desk (x7448). In the spring semester, a survey is sent out that faculty should fill out for the next year's needs.