Property Control Campus Policies & Procedures

Per SUNY Property Control Procedures 7595, campuses must facilitate proper and timely reporting of equipment transactions and safeguard against loss. The appointed Property Control Coordinator (PCC) is responsible for tracking and recording campus assets. This includes ensuring property is tagged and per the Office of the State Comptroller (OSC), Guide to Financial Operations, conduct physical inventories of State-owned equipment, at least annually.

In order to comply more fully with policies and procedures, each Department Head should designate a person who will assist with the duties concerning property control requirements. The designee is responsible for equipment assigned to rooms with in the department and assists the Property Control Coordinator (PCC) in maintaining equipment, inventory and control.

Once each year, a computer printout of equipment that needs to be inventoried for each department will be provided by the PCC to assist with performing our annual physical inventory. The PCC may require occasional assistance from the department designee to complete the inventory.

Additional information regarding Property Control Procedures #7595.

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