Temporary Removal of Property from Campus

Property of SUNY Canton is purchased exclusively for use by College employees at their job site.

Employees are expected to protect and safeguard College equipment and property. Equipment assigned to your respective departments is your responsibility. It is expected that Directors, Department Chairs, Account Managers and/or Designee have knowledge of the location and condition of equipment within their care.

Employees may borrow College Equipment for official College use only. If equipment is to be removed from campus for more than 24-hours, a Property Removal Request Form must be completed and returned to Property Control (propertycontrol@canton.edu) before any College property may be removed from campus.

Laptops & Electronic Communication Equipment

Once Laptops and electronic communications equipment are assigned to a department the Department Designee is responsible for their whereabouts. You are required to maintain a record of the items loaned, who it was loaned to, the dates of use and the condition the equipment was returned. You will be required to account for the location of these items whenever the Property Control Office conducts an audit of such equipment.

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