SUNY Canton Students Break into Advanced Concrete Compositions


SUNY Canton students are showcasing concrete knowledge developed through continued research into applications using the fiberglass-reinforced building material. 

Led by Associate Professor Saeid Haji Ghasemali, Ph.D., who teaches in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology program, students in the American Concrete Institute student chapter have now presented their findings on innovative building techniques at several conferences. They’ve also cemented new accolades for the college’s Canino School of Engineering Technology.

The American Concrete Institute student chapter holds up their banner.

“Our students participated in the Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) poster session at the American Concrete Institute (ACI) convention in New Orleans,” Haji Ghasemali said. “They were the only undergraduates among a group of graduate students from different universities. Their active involvement truly stood out and showed their dedication and talent.”

According to the faculty member, the event’s judges were astounded by the caliber of research conducted by SUNY Canton's undergraduate students. The quality of their work rivaled that of graduate-level research, earning accolades from the judging panel. Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology major Cameron J. Hodson of Auburn, the SUNY Canton ACI Chapter President received a certificate and accolades for the presentation.

Two students work on their Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) poster presentation.

Previously, the students won first place for their “Sustainable Structural Enhancement of Lightweight Concrete Beams with GFRP” poster presentation during the New York State 2024 Green Building Conference in Syracuse, showcasing their academic excellence.

The recent accomplishments contributed to the relatively new student group clinching the 2023 ACI Student Chapter Award. “This prestigious recognition underscores SUNY Canton's dedication to expanding research in this field,” Haji Ghasemali said.

The student chapter first emerged to make a remarkable showing at ACI’s Fiber Reinforced Polymer Competition in November. The students earned a second-place national finish and secured eighth place internationally.

Students use and test GFRP concrete because it offers a unique combination of strength and durability, making it a preferred choice for a range of construction applications. Its added strength improves the longevity and durability of structures and reduces maintenance costs over a building’s lifespan. Fiberglass reinforcement can be manufactured using recycled materials and consumes less energy during production when compared to traditional steel rebar reinforcement.

Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology student members of SUNY Canton’s ACI Student Chapter include:

  • Waleed Safdar of Brooklyn.
  • Nathan A. Upton of Syracuse.
  • Ronald J. Wood-Terrance of Bombay.
  • Brendan A. Morrow of Wetaskiwin, Alberta.
  • Gabriel Murphy of Canton.
  • Lucas Roy of Sainte-Anne-De-Bellevue, Quebec.
  • Mathew Greene of Waddington.
  • Patience V. Dawson of Brooklyn.
  • Caprice A. Pramana of Woodside.
  • Emma L. Kielmeier of Pyrites.
  • Timothy J. McLellan of Ogdensburg.
  • Logan S. McCargar of West Stockholm.
  • Jad M. Kouram of Ogdensburg.
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