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Key Acquisitions

All requests for keys or card access originate at a department office and are provided to the Physical Plant using the Key Request Form (K-1). The K-1 must signed by both the person making the key request and the School Dean or Department Head. When the request is for access to a specific building or space, the K-1 should indicate the building and area requested, not the number stamped on the key. Original K-1’s should be provided to the Physical Plant Office for review, denial or approval. Action by the Physical Plant regarding key requests will generally be completed with five business days of their receipt.

Key Request Form (K-1) are available by downloading the Excel file from the Physical Plant website. You will be notified by email or phone when the requested keys are available for pick up.

Key Policy

  1. A key requestor must provide a signature on their key record at the Physical Plant Office in the William C. Cooper Service Complex when keys are issued.
  2. Under no circumstances are keys / identification cards to be loaned to other students, staff or faculty. Anyone having keys or found in possession of keys which were not authorized will be in violation of College policy and New York State law.
  3. Lost or stolen keys or identification cards must be reported immediately to both the University Police Department and the Physical Plant Office. Lost keys may result in individual or departmental charges for rekeying of areas or entire buildings.
  4. Upon termination of employment, all keys must be verified against the key record and surrendered to either Human Resources or the Physical Plant Office. This also applies to all adjunct faculty each semester. A Physical Plant staff member will sign the release approval which will be forwarded to the Human Resources Office before release of his/her final paycheck.
  5. Employees on any extended leave of absence greater than fourteen days in which they will be physically absent from the campus or from the immediate area of the College will return all keys to the Physical Plant Office during the duration of the leave. This statement does not apply to 10 month faculty and staff who are on break periods included within the academic calendar
  6. All keys issued by the Physical Plant Office are the property of SUNY Canton and may not be duplicated.
  7. Master keys in the XE, ZE, GM, and GGM keyways and all contractor key rings will be issued on welded and serial numbered rings to prevent separation of a key set.
  8. The Physical Plant will complete campus or departmental wide key audits at intervals not to exceed three years. Employees are required to present their issued keys for verification against the key record.
  9. Requests to change the established time schedule for interior or exterior building unlocking and locking will be requested using the K-1 form. The Physical Plant will communicate any changes in the exterior door locking schedules to University Police.
  10. All requests to change the function of a lockset or change the keyway in a lockset will require the completion of a K-1.