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College Activities Board (C.A.B.)

About C.A.B.

The College Activities Board (C.A.B.) is the student-run programming branch of the SUNY Canton Student Government Association (S.G.A.) and works in conjunction with the Student Activities, Involvement, and Leadership Office to provide high quality programming to the SUNY Canton Community. 

Get Involved

All students are encouraged to become involved with the College Activities Board. Engage in group planning and enhance communication skills while organizing educational, cultural, social, and recreational events for the entire student body. C.A.B. consists of officers, chairs, and members, so there is a position available for whatever level of engagement you are looking for. 


For time, date, and locations check the C.A.B. RooLife Page.

Positions for Students


The C.A.B. Executive Board, or E-Board, consists of all leadership positions. The E-Board is responsible for organizing meetings, assisting chairs at events, providing input on upcoming C.A.B. events, and representing C.A.B. at all their events. Various E-Board members will help one another at events ensuring a smooth execution of all events brought to campus so that the SUNY Canton community can enjoy their time at every C.A.B. event.

Programming Chairs

The Programming Chairs of the C.A.B. are responsible for coming up with, and running programs and events specific to their event category. Chair positions include positions such as Special Events Chair, Weekend Events Chair, Daytime Events Chair, Weeknight Events Chair, and Music Chair.


C.A.B. members support the E-Board and programming chairs by attending meetings, assisting at events, and providing input on upcoming C.A.B. events. C.A.B. meetings are open to all SUNY Canton students.

Current C.A.B. Leadership

To see a list of the current C.A.B. Leadership check out the C.A.B. Roolife Page.

Social Media

Facebook: SUNY Canton - College Activities Board
Instagram: sunycantoncab

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