Student Leadership Opportunities

Paysonian Yearbook

Compile a chronicle of your time here at SUNY Canton. Share and develop your skills in writing, photography, editing and design while familiarizing yourself with the college and people who make it special. If you are interested in becoming an editor or photographer feel free to contact the Marketing & Media Coordinator in the Student Activities Office Miller Campus Center 211.

Residence Hall Association (R.H.A.)

Develop your skills as an organizer and communicator by coordinating the activities of the individual residence hall governments, initiating and sponsoring inner hall events.

Resident Assistant (R.A.)

After living one year on campus, a resident may apply to be a resident assistant. This position of student leadership in a residence hall requires the applicant to plan programming for his or her floor, participate in campus activities and attend informational meetings and interactive training with other RA’s throughout the year. Maintaining a positive community setting in the residence halls are crucial in a college environment and also to an RA’s agenda.

Student Government Association (S.G.A.)

Get involved with the student governing body of SUNY Canton. The student senate gives a voice to the student body and acts as the liaison between students and administration. Lend a helping hand in committees, ranging from campus safety to College Council. We encourage you to take an active role in shaping your environment and the operations of SUNY Canton.

College Activities Board (C.A.B)

All students are encouraged to become involved with the programming board of the Student Government Association. Come join the largest organization on campus and gain a great opportunity to develop your leadership abilities while networking with peers, staff, and faculty. Engage in group planning and enhance communication skillswhile organizing educational, cultural, social and recreational events for the entire student body. C.A.B. consists of officers, chairs, and members.

Student Activities, Involvement, & Leadership
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