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Accessibility Evaluation Tools

Scan and Testing Tools

  • WAVE (Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool) An accessibility evaluation website from WebAIM that works directly within your browser. Quickly identify common accessibility issues through WAVE's inline evaluation functionality.
  • WAVE toolbar (Chrome or Firefox) An accessibility evaluation toolbar from WebAIM that works directly within the Chrome and Firefox browsers. Use this toolbar to identify common accessibility issues through WAVE's inline evaluation functionality.
  • Experte Accessibility Check: A free accessibility tool that tests 41 features across eight categories. Quickly scan multiple pages on your site and export reports.
  • Siteimprove Browser Plugins: Siteimprove is SUNY Canton's official website scanner for accessibility and quality assurance. Browser plugins can be used to evaluate any web page for accessibility issues at any given time.
  • Paciello Group toolbar for Internet Explorer: A toolbar specifically built to test for web accessibility in IE.
  • HTML CodeSniffer: Client-side script that checks HTML source code and detects violations of a defined coding standard.
  • Chrome Accessibility Developer Tools: This extension will add an Accessibility audit, and an Accessibility sidebar pane in the Elements tab, to the native Chrome Developer Tools.
  • AInspector: Web accessibility evaluation tool for Firefox based on WCAG 2.0 and ARIA.
  • Tenon.io: Automated accessibility testing coverage for a wide array of accessibility best practices.

Color Contrast Tools

  • Color Safe: Empowering designers with beautiful and accessible color palettes based on WCAG Guidelines of text and background contrast ratios.
  • ColorZilla: The ColorZilla browser extension is available for Firefox and Chrome, and includes an eyedropper, color picker, and color analyzer. This tool also includes a gradient generator.

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