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Forensic Drug Testing

The Forensic Drug Testing microcredential provides students with valuable hands-on skills at the field testing level and valuable knowledge of testing at the forensic laboratory level. JUST210 includes drug field test kit training that can result in certification offered by the manufacturer of the test kits, benefitting new hires and employers alike.


  • Current students
  • Outside professionals
100% Online


  • Online
  • Classroom
  • Hybrid
  • Flex

Time to Complete

  • Months
  • 6 credit hours


  • Identify forms of forensic evidence
  • Prescribe the appropriate forensic analyses required for physical evidence
  • Analyze various forms of forensic evidence
  • Explain differences between classifications and controlled substances
  • Develop ability to write a search warrant for various controlled substance cases
  • Explain physiological impacts of controlled substances on the human body

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