True Crime

It’d be a crime not to enroll in the true crime investigation microcredential where you will expand your knowledge of criminal investigations situated within a contemporary, real-world context, with a focus on homicide and serial crime. First, you will examine real-world crime and its treatment throughout the stages of the justice process. Then, based on your career desires and interests, you’ll tailor the second portion of the microcredential by selecting either serial murderers & their victims or profiling & behavioral criminology. In serial murderers & their victims you will analyze categories of crime, including male vs female, team, healthcare and international killers. In profiling & behavioral criminology you will explore the nature, history and methods of criminal profiling. This microcredential is intended for anyone interested in true crime or for working professionals who want to gain skills associated with investigations.


Prefix Course Name Credits
JUST 339 True Crime Investigation 3

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What You'll Learn

  • Identify relevant issues in a criminal case from victim, perpetrator, law enforcement and judicial/courts’ perspectives
  • Classify the differences between serial,mass, and spree killers
  • Examine the similarities and differences between sex offenders and sexual predators
  • Assess demographics of victimization in serial murder
  • Explain serial murder from a global perspective
  • Analyze law enforcement detection techniques
  • Evaluate the relevance of criminal profiling to the investigative process
  • Identify the shortcomings, fallacies, and problems associated with profiling


  • Current students
  • Outside professionals
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  • Classroom

Time to Complete

  • Months

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