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True Crime

The True Crime microcredential offers interested individuals the ability to expand their knowledge of criminal investigations situated within a contemporary, real-world context, with a focus on homicide and serial crime.


  • Current students
  • Outside professionals
  • Community members
100% Online


  • Online
  • Classroom
  • Hybrid
  • Flex

Time to Complete

  • Months
  • 6 credit hours


  • Identify relevant issues in a criminal case from victim, perpetrator, law enforcement and judicial/courts’ perspectives
  • Classify the differences between serial,mass, and spree killers
  • Examine the similarities and differences between sex offenders and sexual predators
  • Assess demographics of victimization in serial murder
  • Explain serial murder from a global perspective
  • Analyze law enforcement detection techniques
  • Evaluate the relevance of criminal profiling to the investigative process
  • Identify the shortcomings, fallacies, and problems associated with profiling

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