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Early Childhood Studies - Student Learning Outcomes


Program Student Learning Outcomes


Demonstrate differences in curriculum for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and children in the early primary levels by creating and implementing developmentally appropriate learning activities related to Head Start Early Learning Outcome Frameworks, Birth – 5 [HSELOF, 2015].


Understand the sequence of typical milestones of development for children from infancy - 5 years in all developmental domains:  cognitive, physical, language/communication, social/emotional, and self-help.


Evaluate and demonstrate methods of developmental assessments pertaining to the growth stages and well-being of the child; including the physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and language development of the young child.


Develop and demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to be an effective teacher/caregiver in an early childhood program. Applying principles of developmentally appropriate early childhood programming. Curriculum will relate to the physical environment, material selection, activity planning, and child guidance.


Identify and apply ways to advocate on behalf of children and families within the context of the personal and professional experience the student brings to the course as a result of their study, teacher preparation, and preservice professional goals.

Social Sciences Department Chair
Dr. Maureen Powers-Maiocco