Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Meal Plans and Campus Cash

Does Campus Cash rollover from fall to spring?

Campus cash does not roll over from Fall to Spring. Any unused campus cash is forfeited at the end of a semester. Campus cash may be used at any retail dining locations, including the Campus Store and Vending machines, not including the Micro-Market in Nevaldine.

Do I have to purchase a meal plan?

All on-campus residential students must purchase a residential meal plan. All students may purchase a meal plan. Our dining program offers a variety of meal plans to best fit your preferences.

How do I select / purchase a meal plan?

Residential students will select their meal plan through the online survey on UCanWeb. Meal plan changes for residential students will be accepted until Friday of the first full week of classes each semester. Please email, from your campus email, and be sure to include your student ID number with your meal plan selection. If you have any questions regarding meal plans, call 315-386-7623 or send an email to

How do I change my meal plan?

Changes to meal plans must be made by Friday of the first full week of classes. Please contact CA Student Support/Meal Plans: 315-386-7624 or visit 2nd floor of Miller Campus Center

Can someone else use my meal plan?

No, meal plans are non-transferable and meant for the sole use of the student to whom it was issued; however, if your meal plan contains guest passes, you may use them for visitors, students, etc. Campus does operate a program Swipe it Forward, a program that allows enrolled students who need to access additional “swipes” in times of need.

Am I entitled to a refund if I don’t use all of my meal plan?

If a student officially withdraws from campus and provides the required authorization from the college, a prorated refund may be issued after a utilization review. Refunds based on lack of meal plan use cannot be refunded. Please consult the Campus Catalog for policy details.

What is the difference between Campus Cash and Roo Express?

Campus Cash is money associated with your meal that can only be used on campus at dining locations, the Campus Store, and at vending machines. Roo Express is funding that  can be applied at any food service location, the Campus Store, or vending machines. Roo Express is also accepted at a variety of off-campus locations.

Can I add more funds to Campus Cash and/or Roo Express?

Yes, funds may be added to your account using the Get Mobile app. Download and register on GET Mobile. Once registered, you may add funds. GET is a place to manage your campus card account, make deposits to the ROO account, view information about account balances and spending history, and also enables you to report a lost or found ID card.

What if I lose my token or box Ozzi takeout?

All meal plans come with this program. For a lost box or lost token, the cost is $10.

Alternative Meal Options

What if I am sick or hurt and cannot get into the dining halls to eat?

The Student Health Center will alert Dining Services of your illness and dining staff will work with you to have a meal prepared for pick up.

What happens if I don’t have time to eat inside the dining hall due to my course schedule?

Students may utilize the takeout system that is part of their meal plan. All students receive a token that may be exchanged for a reusable takeout container that can be filled and taken with them to meet their “on the go” needs. A takeout meal represents a meal “swipe” and guests must take away when using this meal option as takeout containers are not allowed in the dining room.

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