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Campus Ministries

The Campus Ministries Office, staffed by local volunteer clergy, exists for the purpose of inviting and supporting members of the SUNY Canton community (students, faculty, administration, and staff ) to explore and grow in their spiritual life. To facilitate this mission, it sponsors programs and activities that address the needs and interest of the campus community.

  • Interfaith prayer services
  • Connects with the local churches, temples, mosques and synagogues
  • Advisors for faith-based student clubs
  • Service projects (i.e. community service, soup kitchen, free will dinners, Adopt-A-Neighbor, Earth Day Activities and Blessing of Brains)
  • Confidential spiritual guidance
  • Educational programs
  • Recreational and social events
Bryan Stitt

Fr. Bryan Stitt

St. Mary's Catholic Church
315-386-7018 or

Office Hours: Wednesdays, 11 am - 1 pm

Fred Sykes

Rev. Fred Sykes

First Baptist Church
315-386-7018 or

Office Hours: Thursdays 10 am - 12 pm

Larry Veinott

Rev. Larry Veinott

New Life Presbyterian Church
315-386-7018 or

Office Hours: By appointment

Jim Holt

Jim Holt

New Hope Community Church

Office Hours: By appointment

Jamie Sinclair

Jamie Sinclair

Christian Fellowship Center

Office Hours: By appointment


Rev. Dr. Nancy Hale

United Methodist Church

Office Hours: Fridays 11 am - 1 pm


Richard Ladouceur

Morley Wesleyan Church
Phone:  315.386.3342

Office Hours: By appointment


Rev. James Galasinski

Unitarian Universalist Church
Phone: 315-386-2498

Office Hours: By appointment



Students are welcomed to services at the various churches in the area. In Canton, there are Roman Catholic and Protestant denominations, and in Potsdam and Ogdensburg there are Jewish synagogues. Also in Potsdam, there is a mosque.


If you need a ride to a church service, please call the phone number of the church or the Campus Ministries Office (315-386-7018).

Calvary Baptist Church

75 East Main Street, Canton
Phone: 315-386-4110

Sunday Bible Study: 9:45 am
Sunday Worship: 10:45 am
Wednesday Evening Service: 7 pm

First Baptist Church
Rev. Fred Sykes
Campus Minister

5 East Main Street, Canton
Phone: 315-386-8608

Sunday Worship: 11 am & 6 pm
Sunday Service at 9am and 11:30 am (Potsdam) 10am (Canton)

St. Mary's Catholic Church
Fr. Bryan Stitt
Campus Minister

Mrs. Amanda Conklin
Campus Minister

66 Court Street, Canton
Phone: 315-386-2543

Saturday Mass: 5 pm
Sunday Mass: 9 am; 5 pm


Presbyterian Church
Park Place, Canton
Phone: 315-386-2570

Sunday Service: 10 am


United Methodist Church
Rev. Michael Terrell
Campus Minister

41 Court Street, Canton
Phone: 315-386-4500

Sunday Services at 8 am & 10 am

Facebook: CantonUMCNewYork

Grace Episcopal Church
9 East Main Street, Canton
Phone: 315-386-3714

Sunday Services: 9 am


Unitarian Universalist Church
3½ East Main Street, Canton
Phone: 315-386-2498

Sunday Service: 10:30 am

Seventh-Day Adventist Church
52 Court Street, Canton
Phone: 315-386-3550

Saturday School: 9:30 am
Saturday Worship: 11 am

The Mosque
110 Elm Street, Potsdam
Phone: 315-265-7229

Friday Worship (Jumma) and
Sermon (Khutba): 1 pm


New Life Presbyterian Church
Rev. Larry Veinott
Campus Minister

155 State Highway 310, Canton
Phone: 315-379-0717

Sunday School: 9:40 am
Sunday Service: 10:30 am


Beth-El Congregation
81 Market Street, Potsdam
Phone: 315-265-7025

Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
21 Castle Drive, Potsdam
Phone: 315-265-6228

First Congregational Church
Corner of Baldwin and Main Streets, Norwood
Phone: 315-353-2800

Sunday Service: 10 am

United Church of Madrid
7 Cross Street, Madrid
Phone: 315-322-4089

Sunday Service: 11 am

Christian Fellowship Center
Jamie Sinclair
Campus Minister

52 Court Street, Canton
Phone: 315-262-0222

Sunday Service: 10 am

41 Main Street, Potsdam
Phone: 315-262-0222

Sunday Service: 11 am

New Hope Community Church
Jim Holt
Campus Minister

33 Grant St, Potsdam
Phone: 315-265-7094

Saturday Service: 7 pm
Sunday Service: 10:30 am

Good News Fellowship
30 Court Street, Canton
Phone: 315-869-2746 (leave msg)

Meets every Saturday

St. Olympia Orthodox Mission
Fr. Paul Fedoroff

34 North Main St, Norwood


Great Vespers - Saturday at 5 pm

Divine Liturgy - Sunday at 9:30 am

St. Olympia Email

Facebook “Orthodox Christian Mission of Potsdam” or contact

Morley Wesleyan Church
2754 CR 27, Canton
Phone: 315-386-3342

**** For a ride to church call the church number or the Campus Ministry Office at 315-386-7018.

**** Uber Catholic is also available for rides to Catholic mass Saturday/Sunday by calling 315-386-2543 in advance during the week when classes are in session.


Campus Christian Ministries

Weekly prayer and Bible study groups. Focus on being disciples of Jesus and also making others disciples of Him.

Advisor: TBA

Cross Campus

Worship and socialize with students who share the Christian faith. Recent activities: Life-changing Bible studies, dinner and movies, weekend retreats.

Advisor: TBA

Anointed Voices of Praise

Joined together to worship and bring unity on campus. We are making available the fullness of Jesus Christ through singing and sharing gospel music. The choir today is vitally important to the church. We strive to educate people of all backgrounds of the variations that exist within gospel music.

Advisor: Lashawanda Ingram, Campus Center 211, phone 315-386-7128

Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship

Strengthen your spiritual life and support others through fellowship, Bible study and prayer. Contribute to the spiritual development of the College community through education and activities.

Recent activities: Weekly Bible study, gathering with St. Lawrence University IVCF.

Advisor: TBD

Newman Club

Provides a welcoming environment for fellowship, fun, and prayer rooted in the Catholic faith and open to all members of the College community. Weekly meetings provide an atmosphere to learn and ask questions about current issues in the context of the Catholic faith. Trips, dinners, and retreats are some of our fun activities!

See us on: www.facebook.com/cantoncampusministry

Advisor: Amanda Conklin, phone 315-386-2543, email conklina@canton.edu


Free Will Dinners

Help serve and/or clean up for weekly dinners on Wednesdays (1st four Wednesdays of each month) at the United Methodist Church. 4:30-6:00 pm. Sponsored by Canton community churches.

Contact: Carlton Doane (315-386-4281) or or Michael H. Terrell (315-386-4500)

Fall/Spring Clean-Up

Assist local elderly in preparing for Fall/Spring - also work in playgrounds and parks.

Contact: Campus Ministries Office (315-386-7018)

Adopt a Grandparent

Become a friend to a local United Helpers Nursing Home resident.

Contact: Campus Ministries Office (315-386-7018)