The Hearing Board Process

Any student referred to Student Conduct for violating the Code of Conduct will meet with a Student Conduct staff member. During this meeting, a staff member will explain the conduct process in detail, address any questions or concerns, and work with you to resolve the matter. Depending upon the situation, your case may be resolved in one of two ways, a summary action meeting or a hearing.

Summary Action Meeting

A summary action meeting is a one-on-one meeting where the accused party and the adjudicating officer come to an agreement on the violation(s) of the Code of Student Conduct and the appropriate disciplinary sanction(s).

Hearing Boards

Students may wish to have a hearing instead. Hearing boards are composed of impartial individuals whose sole purpose is to hear both sides of the case and then make their best judgment regarding whether disciplinary action should be taken and, if so, what action should be.

There are two main hearing boards on campus. The first is the Residence Hall Hearing Board (RHHB), which is a panel of students who live on campus and meet to hear matters concerning behavior that happens within the residence halls at a lower level (minor incidents). The second is the Judicial Hearing Board (JHB), which is a three-person board composed of one faculty person, and a staff chairperson, and a student when one is available. This board meets for higher-level (serious incidents) or matters with commuter students that did not occur in the residence halls. The RHHB can impose sanctions up to and including suspension from the residence halls, and the JHB can impose all sanctions listed in Article V in the Student Handbook.

The accused has the right to have an advisor of choice during their hearing. The advisor may be a family member, a fellow student, faculty or staff, or an attorney. The advisor may privately consult with their advise but are not permitted to speak during the hearing. The names of those serving in this capacity must be provided to the student conduct officer/Board Chair within twenty-four hours in advance of the hearing.

To learn more about the Hearing Board process you can view the Information For Students Attending a Hearing Board Document, which outlines in detail the process<

Hearing Board Appeals

Students who wish to appeal the decision of a Hearing Board may do so within 4 class days of the receipt of the written decision of the hearing board. Students can learn more about the appeal process, or submit an appeal form on the Hearing Board Appeal page.

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