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Student Employment

Handshake (Job Posting Service)

Handshake, is the official online recruiting center of Career Services.

Paychecks and Distribution

Payday is every other Thursday. NYS employees are paid on a two-week lag basis: a two-week delay between the time the work is performed and when the salary for that work is received. New employees must wait approximately four weeks to receive their first paycheck.

Paychecks are distributed by the Office of the State Comptroller. They will be mailed directly to the address provided to HR. If you do not wish to have your check mailed you can sign up for direct deposit. The form can be found below or in the Human Resources Office.

Student Employment Forms

To hire a student for either Student Assistantship, Work Study, or Foundation Assistantship these forms need to be completed prior to beginning work.

Self-Service Portal

  • Login to the Portal
  • Time and Attendance – complete your time record
  • View Paycheck – view your paycheck the Monday before pay day
  • NYS Payroll Online
    • View and print your pay statement
    • Opt out of receiving a paper pay statement
    • View and print current and prior year W-2s
    • Change your tax withholdings
    • View your direct deposit account information

Student Payroll Schedule

Direct Deposit

Employees may have their paychecks deposited directly into their bank or credit union if it participates in the NYS Direct Deposit Program. Direct deposit forms are also available in the Payroll Office.

W-2 Help

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