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Liability Exposure While Driving on SUNY Business

State employees and/or SUNY students driving on SUNY business are subject to varying factors in terms of insurance and liability protection.

The use of personal, state-owned or rented vehicles by University drivers, especially by students requires authorization in writing in advance. Drivers must have valid drivers' licenses, safe driving records and adequate training particularly where vans are involved. University or student drivers must report any accident occurring during University-authorized activities, whether involving a personal car or a state-owned or rented vehicle. SUNY Canton drivers must be LENS certified. Download the LENS Drivers Clearance Application.

All accidents while on SUNY business are to be reported to University Police. All records of accidents (and serious driving violations) will be evaluated to determine if they disqualify the driver from subsequent authorization until mandatory training or retraining can be provided.

More detailed information regarding different situations can be found at the following links:

Driving Scenario Guidelines addresses the various driving scenarios that can occur while driving on SUNY business. The chart describes the insurance coverage coming into play for both students and employees, depending on the type of damages involved (damage to vehicle, personal injuries of driver, damage to another vehicle, or personal injuries of third parties).

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