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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are microcredentials?

Microcredentials are a collection of courses or competencies that verify, validate, and attest that specific skills have been achieved through credit-bearing courses and non-credit activities. These may be within a discipline area or inter-disciplinary. They are designed to be completed in months, not years, and are a great way to show current and future employers that you have mastered a specific subject or gained a valuable skill. They can stand alone or be applied to advanced degrees.

What are the benefits of microcredentials?

As an add-on to an existing degree program, microcredentials allow students to distinguish themselves in a competitive marketplace through mastery of skills complementary to their chosen field of study. For adult learners looking to start or return to college, microcredentials provide a way to start small and build from there. Regardless of where someone is in their academic career or job, microcredentials help individuals stand out in the job market by adding in-demand new skills to their resume.

How are microcredentials offered (i.e., online, in the classroom?

Depending on the microcredential, courses in the microcredential may be offered online, in the classroom, or a blend of both.

What microcredentials do you offer?

Please see https://www.canton.edu/academics/micro/

Are microcredentials credit or non-credit?

Depending on the microcredential, they may be offered as credit or non-credit.

How can I enroll in a microcredential?

Visit https://www.canton.edu/courses/

For questions, contact the Registrar Office
Phone: 315-386-7616
Fax: 315-379-3819

Are microcredentials recorded on my transcript?


Are microcredentials eligible for financial aid?

Microcredentials may be eligible for financial aid, depending on certain criteria. Please see SUNY’s financial aid resource sheet for details.

Who can I talk to about microcredentials?

Please email microcredentials@canton.edu.