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Addiction Treatment Training Certificate Program

Program Description

SUNY Canton’s Applied Psychology Curriculum offers the Addiction Treatment Training Certificate Program. This program allows matriculated and non-matriculated students to obtain coursework that meets the 350 contact hours needed to apply for the Credentialed Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor-Training (CASAC-T) credential through the New York State Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS).


Coursework is currently offered both face-to-face and online. Courses offered only face-to-face can be offered online through a directed study format if approved.

Addiction Treatment Training Certificate Requirements

Education Provider Number: 1144

Course Name


HUSV 201 Introduction to Human Services


HUSV 281 Foundations of Chemical Dependency and Treatment


HUSV 305 Professional Ethics and Responsibilities in Human Service Professions


HUSV 315 Mental Health Practice


HUSV 325 Group Therapy


HUSV 350 Care Coordination, Documentation, and Referral Skills


HUSV 415 Addiction Treatment Colloquium


HUSV 375 Assessment, Diagnosing, and Treatment Planning


PSYC 225 Human Development


PSYC 410 Counseling Skills and Process


SSCI 181 Alcohol, Drugs, and Society


Transfer Credit

Students wishing to have credits obtained elsewhere must submit official transcripts of previous college attendance to show completion of coursework that may be appropriate for transfer.


Currently, the cost is approximately $295 per credit hour. Cost may vary due to college increases.  Please contact SUNY Canton's Student Service Center at (315) 386-7616 for billing questions.

Financial Aid

There is no financial aid for non-matriculated students. Financial aid is offered to matriculated students currently enrolled at SUNY Canton in an approved major.


To see current course offerings, please go to Course Listings. Click on schedule term for classes offered in that time frame.

For individuals interested in obtaining a degree ("matriculated"), please apply through Admissions.

Credits earned through the Addiction Treatment Training Certificate Program and courses taken at other institutions may also be evaluated for credit into the bachelor’s degree in Applied Psychology at SUNY Canton.

For individuals interested in registering for classes on a non-degree (non-matriculated) basis: www.canton.edu/courses/

For More Information Contact

Patrick McManus