Addiction Treatment Training Certificate Program

Program Description

SUNY Canton, through its Applied Psychology program is a certified provider of educational services for the New York State Office of Addiction Services and Supports (OASAS). Through our Addiction Treatment Training Certificate program, we offer individuals interested in becoming a Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC) the 350 educational contact hours for the credential.

Education Provider Number: 1144

What is the CASAC Credential?

The CASAC is intended for individuals who provide direct clinical care services and substance use disorder counseling, including: SUB (substance use disorder) assessment, intervention, referral, and substance use disorder counseling in both individual and group settings.

To become a CASAC, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age;
  • Have earned at least a High School Diploma or High School Equivalency (HSE) diploma;
  • Live or work in New York State at least 51 percent of the time during the active application period;
  • Have two individuals complete an Evaluation of Competency and Ethical Conduct based on CASAC Canon of Ethical Principles;
  • Document a minimum of 6,000 hours (approximately three years) of supervised work experience in an approved setting;
  • Work experience must include a minimum of 300 hours of supervised practical training in the core competencies;
  • Document completion of education and training consisting of a minimum of 350 clock hours and mandatory one-time requirements (this is what SUNY Canton's Addiction Treatment Training Certificate offers and verifies);
  • Successfully complete a criminal background check review; and
  • Pass an examination approved by OASAS.

All stated requirements are verified in the application process. Please refer to New York State OASAS information about these credentials.


SUNY Canton does not confer the CASAC, CASAC-T, or CASAC-Provisional credentials. New York State OASAS does upon the completion of state requirements.

Please note that students who complete the 350 educational contact hours and the new one-time education requirements may be qualified to earn the CASAC-Trainee (CASAC-T) or CASAC-Provisional Certification before taking the CASAC examination or completing the remainder of requirements to earn the full CASAC credential. Please refer to New York State OASAS information about these credentials.

Eligible Candidates

Matriculated (degree-earning) and non-matriculated individuals may enroll in SUNY Canton's 350 hour educational contact hours program.

If you are a CASAC applicant with an Associate's, Bachelor's, or Master's degree in approved Human Services field or are a student pursuing such degrees, or have appropriate transfer college credits, you may submit official college transcripts to be evaluated by SUNY Canton for equivalencies for any of its coursework.

If you have accrued any of the required 350 educational hours from another New York State educational provider, they will be accepted by SUNY Canton's program. SUNY Canton will work with you and your prior education provider to determine the completed coursework and hours.


Currently, the cost is approximately $295 per credit hour. The cost may vary due to college increases and additional resources you may choose to access. Please contact SUNY Canton's Student Service Center at (315) 386-7616 for billing questions.

Financial Aid

Matriculated Students: Students earning a degree at SUNY Canton may be eligible for financial aid.

Non-Matriculated Students: Students earning just the 350 educational contact hours without also being enrolled in a degree program may be eligible for a payment plan when registering for 4 or more credits.  Please contact SUNY Canton's Student Service Center at (315) 386-7616 for more information.


To see current course offerings, please go to Course Listings. Click on schedule term for classes offered in that time frame.

For individuals interested in obtaining a degree ("matriculated"), please apply through Admissions.

Credits earned through the Addiction Treatment Training Certificate Program and courses taken at other institutions may also be evaluated for credit into the bachelor’s degree in Applied Psychology at SUNY Canton.

For individuals interested in registering for classes on a non-degree (non-matriculated) basis:

For More Information

Please contact Associate Professor Christina Lesyk, LMSW, HS-BCP at or at (315) 386-7836.

350 Educational Contact Hours Requirements

Course Name


HUSV 201 Introduction to Human Services


HUSV 281 Foundations of Chemical Dependency and Treatment


HUSV 305 Professional Ethics and Responsibilities in Human Service Professions


HUSV 315 Mental Health Practice


HUSV 325 Group Therapy


HUSV 350 Care Coordination, Documentation, and Referral Skills


HUSV 415 Addiction Treatment Colloquium


HUSV 375 Assessment, Diagnosing, and Treatment Planning


PSYC 225 Human Development


PSYC 410 Counseling Skills and Process


SSCI 181 Alcohol, Drugs, and Society


Additional short one-time required trainings through OASAS. These trainings are provided free and are non-credit bearing. Some trainings may be incorporated into existing training modules.


Applied Psychology
Curriculum and Practicum Coordinator

Christina Lesyk, LMSW, HS-BCP
Associate Professor