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Visit our Virtual Makerspace and Study Support & Event Resource Libguide for fun activities to do and virtual events to explore!

Spring 2022 On-campus Events

May 3rd – Final Relaxation Hour – 11am to 12pm – Learning Commons Classroom 

  • Silent Book Club – 11am to 12pm – Learning Commons Classroom 
    • Join us on May 3rd for our final Silent Book Club and read together, virtually or in person, in a relaxing environment. May is Asian American and Pacific Islander History Month, so this month has two featured books: a hardcover book called Iron Widow by Xiran Jay Zhao, and an eBook Pachinko by Min Jin Lee. 
  • Crafting Hour – 11am to 12pm – Learning Commons Classroom 
    • Join us on May 3rd for our final crafting hour, virtually or in person, and work on projects in a relaxing environment. May's featured craft by the Learning Commons is a DIY Fidget Stick. Grab & go bags will be available in the Learning Commons Lobby for you to pick up and work on at any time. You can also work on these crafts remotely by reviewing the instructions on Padlet.

May 4th – May 13th - End of Semester Stress Relief Events 

  • May 4th – May 13th: Stress Relief Activities - Learning Commons Lobby   
    • Learning Commons: Finals week can be an overwhelming and stressful time for students, faculty, and staff, and we have a way to help! First, you can stop by the Learning Commons' Lobby and grab a stress ball at any time starting May 4th. Next up, we have our Stress Relief Padlet is full of resources ranging from 5-minute meditation to local hiking areas you can experience around Canton, NY. There are also many fun games and crafts available to utilize during study breaks! We hope these activities help you take a moment to relax during this stressful time. 
    • Wellness Promotions: Stress Prevention Mason Jars will be available as Grab & Go items in the Learning Commons Lobby, brought to you by Wellness Promotions. For additional stress relief information and projects, visit Wellness Promotions’ Padlet. 
  • May 4th – May 13th: Healthy Snacks & Bottled Drinks in the Learning Commons Lobby 
    • Various snacks and bottled drinks will be available in the Learning Commons Lobby, including: granola bars, juice boxes, pop-tarts, fruit snacks, bottled water, and more. Stop in in-between your classes, finals, and in-between study breaks for a quick snack at any time starting May 4th. 
  • May 5th – May 8th: Coffee & Tea Cart from Dining Services in the Learning Commons Lobby 
    • A full-service Coffee & Tea station will be set up from May 5th to May 8th. Cups, creamer, stirrers, and sugar will be available for use. The Coffee & Tea cart will be set up in the Learning Commons Lobby as part of our 24/7 offerings during Finals. 
  • May 4th – May 13th: Coloring Stations in the Learning Commons Lobby 
    • Coloring stations will be available in the Learning Commons Lobby next to the staircase starting May 4th and will be available through the end of finals week. Coloring sheets, activity sheets, colored pencils, and crayons will be provided at the coloring station. Please remember that this will be a high traffic area, so use hand sanitizer accordingly. Hand sanitizer will also be available at the coloring station for use. 

May 4th starting at 7:30am – May 10th - 24/7 Study Hours in the Learning Commons 

  • The Learning Commons building will be open 24/7 in order to provide you with an academic space to work on final projects and study for your finals. During this time snacks & bottled drinks will be provided, in addition to a full-service coffee & tea cart. Various stress relief activities will also be provided in-building and virtually. We wish you the best of luck on your final projects and exams! You've got this!! 
    • Details: The Learning Commons will be available 24/7 starting on May 4th at 7:30am through May 10th, closing at 2am on December 11th. The building resumes normal business hours of 7:30am to 2am starting May 11th through May 12th. May 13th the building will be open from 7:30am to 5pm. 

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Spring Semester Hours:
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Finals Week Hours:                        
Open 24 hours from May 4th to May 10th.

Regular hours resume May 11th until Summer Hours begin May 14th.

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