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HVAC Trades Program Objectives and Outcomes

HVAC Trades program is dedicated to providing accessible, affordable, high-quality applied program in HVAC trades that enable students in the North Country, New York State, and beyond to achieve their highest potential both personally and professionally.

The program is committed to achieving key Program Educational Objectives and Program Outcomes. These operational objectives and outcomes provide the basis from which the program assures the integrity of the academic program and the capabilities of its graduates.


Graduates of the HVAC Trades program will able to...

  1. be engaged in the HV AC trades with a strong work ethic.
  2. able to utilize the tools of the industry to service and troubleshoot HV AC equipment and systems
  3. continue to learn while working as a means of staying current with the technology.
  4. utilize proper skills of documentation of work performed

HVAC Trades
Paul Todd
Curriculum Coordinator