Mathematics Department

Welcome to the Math Department web site!

The Mathematics Department offers a variety of courses for students of all ability levels and interest.

  • Students are encouraged to meet the mathematics faculty to discuss their interests and placement.
  • Students taking mathematics classes are encouraged to visit the STEM Lab located in the library. There students can meet with professional tutors or work together in groups with their classmates.

Are you planning to take College Algebra (Math 121) or Intermediate Algebra (MATH 106)?

If you are planning to take these courses, the math department has prepared a self assessment exam that you can use to decide if you are ready for the course.

  • Download a copy of the assessment test for the course you plan to take.
  • Complete the self assessment.
  • Compare your answers with the correct ones. If you didn't do well, you may wish to take a lower math course to prepare you for the course you need.

To get the self assessment exam, click on the appropriate link:

Grading Policy - Prerequisite Grade Requirement

To use a mathematics course taken at SUNY Canton to satisfy the prerequisite requirements for another mathematics course, students must pass the course with a grade of C or better.

Calculator Policy

The math department has a policy for the use of calculators in various courses. To view the policy, click on the link: Calculator Policy.

Do you Need Additional Help?

For additional information about the mathematics department, please use one of the links listed on the right side of this page.