Rubrics for Academic Assessment

Below you will find the tailored AACU VALUE Rubrics intended for ISLO assessment at SUNY Canton. These rubrics feature altered language and different/reduced criteria to evaluate student proficiency in our ISLO areas.

These rubrics may be used in lieu of the traditional AACU VALUE Rubrics.

As always, these rubrics do not represent a silver bullet solution to evaluating student proficiency. Many programs opt to generate their own rubrics. If you wish to submit a rubric for review, please contact our director of assessment.

AACU VALUE Rubrics Tailored for SUNY Canton ISLO Use:

Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs

Peggy A. De Cooke, Ph.D.
SUNY Canton
MAC 610
34 Cornell Drive
Canton, NY 13617

Fax: 315-386-7945

Director of Academic Assessment
Kirk Jones, Ph.D.
MacArthur Hall, Room 502

Chair of Non-Academic Assessment
Johanna M Lee
Learning Commons, Room SL 115