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Directors & Department Chairs


  • Designated by Provost with recommendation from Dean and program faculty. Serve at pleasure of Provost.
  • Faculty with term or continuing appointment.
  • Two or Three-yearterm, renewable.
  • Reports to Dean. 


  • All responsibilities of Department

Department Chair

  • Designated by Provost with recommendation from department faculty. Serve at pleasure of Provost.
  • Faculty with term or continuing appointment (preferred)
  • Two or Three-year term, renewable.
  • Reports to Dean.


  • Recommends course offering & class schedules.
  • Serves as the first level ofappeal for student concerns.
  • Serves as the first point of contact for resolution of faculty issues.
  • Evaluates instructional activities.
  • Runs department meetings, disseminates minutes, and applies by-laws.
  • Approves development of department course curricula and guides changes through review process.
  • Reviews credentials of potential adjunct faculty, recommends appointments & personnel assignments.
  • Addresses general education and other assessment outcomes.
  • Oversees campus professional obligation policies.
  • Oversees selection criteria for students entering the curriculum.
  • Serves as liaison with Admissions staff, and participates in Open Houses and recruitment activitiesfor the department.
  • Works with faculty to review course outlines every three years.
  • Orients/mentors new faculty.
  • Oversees academic catalog, brochures, and website content.
  • Signs attendance records, credit validations, and student/faculty forms.
  • Keeps legal contracts current where appropriate.
  • Prepares department’s annual reports.
  • Updates departmental goals and objectives, annually.
  • Leads department advisory council membership and meeting (as applicable).
  • Serves as program accreditation coordinator, and program self-study author.
  • Performs other appropriate duties asassigned by the Dean.

May be asked to do the following additional responsibilities as necessary:

  • Responsible for program-level assessment (e.g., Assessment in the Major, Program Student Learning Outcome Assessment)
  • Responsible for meeting program accreditation requirements 


Is determined by the UUP contract for these appointments.


  • Deans must submit a C-2 for all appointments/reappointments to any of these positions, so the faculty member is compensated for the correct release time/stipend.
  • Overloads will be at the discretion of the Dean.


Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs

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