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What Should I Bring?

» Items you can bring to Kennedy Hall

checkAll bedding supplies, such as:

  • Sheets (Linen and Bedding Program)
  • Blankets
  • Pillows & Pillow Cases
  • Mattress Cover (optional): mattress material is plastic (Please Note: the mattresses are 80" long: twin extra long size sheets fit the best)

Students moving incheckTowels, Washcloths

checkAlarm Clock

checkA throw rug (dorm rooms have tile floors)

checkPower Strips

checkDesk Lamp

checkLaundry detergent for cold-water wash (the cost for using the laundry rooms is included as part of your room cost)

checkMicrowave Ovens - One per room

checkClothes hangers (each room has two closets)

Furniture: Each student will have their own bed and dresser. There are two desks and chairs in each room. If you are in a triple room, you may want to share a desk to conserve on space. If you want a third desk, please request one from your Residence Hall Director. There are also window blinds and a lighting fixture in the room.

Bathrooms: Three bedrooms are clustered around a bathroom so your bath will be right outside the door of your room, not down the hall.

Laundry Rooms: Laundry rooms are on the first floor in each wing. If you are located on the second or third floor, you will need to go downstairs to do your laundry. In this case, laundry baskets or bags may be helpful.

Some Other Items to Consider…



checkRefrigerator (1.7 cubic ft.) --- two roommates may share a 3.4 cubic foot refrigerator, otherwise, all other refrigerators are not allowed. Energy Star efficient refrigerators are preferred but are not mandatory.

Internet Service: All residence hall rooms have Wi-Fi internet service.

Anti symbol Items NOT To Bring

Anti symbol Any type of cooking appliances including:

Anti symbol Air Fryers

Anti symbol Hot Pots

Anti symbol Coffee Pots

Anti symbol Hot Plates

Anti symbol Toaster Ovens

Anti symbol George Forman Grills

Anti symbol Sandwich Makers of any kind

Anti symbol All string lights, including Christmas lights and rope lights

Anti symbol Lava lamps, halogen lamps

Anti symbol 2.4 Megahertz cordless phones

Anti symbol House-sized refrigerators

Anti symbol Candles and incense

Anti symbol Stereo speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers

Anti symbol T-Mobile cellular phones (reception is spotty)

If you have any questions about what you should or should not bring, please call the Residence Life Office at 315-386-7513.

Thank you!

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