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How many residence halls do you have on campus, and who is "in charge"?

There are five residence halls on campus: Heritage Hall, Rushton Hall, Mohawk Hall, Smith Hall and our newest Residence Hall, Kennedy Hall. Each of the residence halls has a full time professional staff person, known as a Residence Hall Director, who has a Bachelor's or Master's degree and lives in the front part of the building.

The Residence Hall Directors, or "RD's", are in charge of not only the students in the building, but also the Resident Assistants, or "RA's," who are the student staff. Most buildings have an RA per floor, although some RA's govern two floors. The RA's are in charge of building a community on the floor and in the building, as well as enforcing the Student Code of Conduct and presenting programs.

Are the rooms on campus all the same, or are there different lifestyle options I can choose from?

While the buildings externally may all look the same, the environment on the inside is often quite different! We have many different lifestyle options which you will see a detailed explanation of on our website under Housing Options.

How does the housing assignment process work, and can I pick my own roommate?

The housing assignment process is done on a first-come, first-serve basis. The earlier you get your housing application in, the better! We try to assign you to your first housing option choice, but if we are unable, we look to your second choice to help us assign you to a room you will be happy in.

You can request a roommate on the housing application, or on our new program called Roomsync --- just make sure that person also requests you on their housing application. BOTH people have to request each other before we will house you together. On Roomsync, you can list as many qualities, and look for as many qualities in a roommate as you would like. Incoming freshmen students are more inclined to use Roomsync, but any individual can use the program, and talk with people to see who might be the best roommate for them.

If you wish to request a roommate after you have already submitted your housing application, or after you have completed the Roomsync process, you can email your request to reslife@canton.edu before July 1 from your SUNY Canton email address only.

When will I find out what my room assignment is?

You will be able to view your housing assignment on UCanWeb in early to mid-August. To view your housing assignment, log in to the Secure Area, go to Miscellaneous Requirements, and choose View Housing Assignment.

If I don't like my roommate once I have arrived on campus, what do I do?

Our goal in Residence Life at SUNY Canton is to provide you with a living environment where you will feel safe and secure, and also give you the opportunity to grow and learn and meet new people. The Residence Life staff will do their best to help you resolve your problems within the room, but if they are irreconcilable, you can speak to your Residence Hall Director to request a room change.

How secure are the residence halls?

The residence halls are a secure environment. On your tour, you may have noticed the front doors are locked at all times. Each student is issued an ID card, and the residence hall students cards are coded to allow them to "swipe" in to their respective hall. They are unable, however, to have card access to a building they do not reside in, so only the residents of that building are able to access it.

Each room has a combination lock on it, which is given out only to the roommates of that room. The best way to stay safe is to not give your combination our to anyone!! If need be, your combination can be changed at any time - just let your RD know!

Is there internet access in the room?

Wi-Fi is provided throughout the residence halls. Every student room and student suite has Wi-Fi.

What is in my room as far as furniture? And where do I do my laundry?

Each double room has two beds, two desks, two dressers, two closets, and two lamps. There are also waste paper cans provided.

Each wing in the residence hall has a laundry facility with three washers and four dryers. You do not need money or your ID card to utilize these services, the cost is included in your bill.

What should I bring with me at school, and what should I leave at home?

A list is available at the Residence Life table at the Open House called "What To Bring and What Not To Bring." You can also find this information at the Residence Life Office, and also on our website. The "safe" rule about what not to bring includes cooking appliances of any kind, Christmas lights (this includes rope, tube & string lights), halogen lamps and candles. A more comprehensive list is available at the placed mentioned above.

What am I going to do on campus? I am sure I will be bored.

Get involved!! The best way to cure boredom is to keep busy! There are many opportunities for you to join activities, attend programs and take on a leadership role. The RA's conduct programs within the residence hall for you to attend, and the Student Activities Office brings in entertainment to the campus each semester, such as comedians, magicians, music groups, game shows and all sorts of other fun things!

There are also many different clubs for you to join, as well as Greek organizations. You also may find an on-campus job or volunteering opportunities.

There are also leadership opportunities. The Residence Life Office is also always looking for new Resident Assistants - stop up and ask us how you can become one today!

**Please note: all information included on this page is subject to change

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