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Best Practices for Course Material and Textbook Adoption

To improve affordability:

  • Adhere to the College’s policy regarding textbook adoption timelines
  • Use affordable alternatives. Consider alternatives to expensive textbooks, such as open textbooks
  • Consider using the same textbook and edition as long as it remains educationally sound
  • Avoid adopting textbooks that are “bundled” with supplementary materials, unless all of the components are required for your course.
  • When practical, and when consensus exists among faculty who teach the course, use the same textbook for multiple sections and offerings of a class throughout the year. 

To improve accessibility:

  • When of equivalent appropriateness, adopt textbooks and course materials that are already available in accessible formats, rather than those that are not.
  • Adhere to the College’s policy regarding textbook adoption timelines to ensure that there is adequate time to provide accessible versions of textbooks and course materials to students. It can take several weeks to convert material into accessible format, and sufficient time is required to ensure that materials are available for students with disabilities at the same time they are available to other students, as required by law.

Federal Textbook Adoption Dates