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Civil Engineering Technology Objectives and Outcomes

The Civil Engineering Technology (CET) Program is committed to achieving key Program Educational Objectives and Program Outcomes. These operational objectives and outcomes provide the basis from which the program assures the integrity of the academic program and the capabilities of its graduates. They are listed as follows:

Program Educational Objectives

PEO1. Upon completion of the requirements of the Civil Engineering Technology program, the graduate will be able to find satisfying work at the technician level in the Civil Engineering field and, with experience, advance to management level positions in this area.

PEO2. Graduates of the Civil Engineering Technology program will be prepared academically to enter and succeed in related bachelor’s degree programs at reputable institutions.

PEO3. Graduates will have developed the personal and academic skills required to pursue lifelong learning in, and beyond, the chosen major.

Program Outcomes: Graduates of the Civil Engineering Technology program will be able to…

  1. Communicate effectively and professionally in the construction environment through proper use of verbal, written, and graphic techniques.
  2. Develop mathematical skills in algebra, trigonometry, and calculus, using analytical problem solving methods.
  3. Employ logical and concise analytical techniques to solve technical problems.
  4. Demonstrate the capability to develop engineering drawings for construction projects.
  5. Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of common construction materials; both their proper use and their proper testing procedures.
  6. Understand the mechanics of structural design.
  7. Be proficient in the use of surveying equipment to collect data, to lay out projects, and to solve engineering problems.
  8. Function effectively as a member of a team.

Civil Engineering Technology
Joseph Reilly
Assistant Professor