Kibria K. Roman, Ph.D., PE, EMIT

Kibria RomanAssistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Nevaldine South 111A
(315) 386-7543

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  • Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana
  • M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Tuskegee University, 2008
  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering, BUET (Bangladesh), 2005


  • Assistant Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering and ARES, SUNY Canton, August 2016 to Current
  • Lecturer, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Stony Brook University, January 2016 to May 2016
  • Teaching Assistant, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, University of Illinois, August 2012 to December 2015
  • Teaching Assistant, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Tuskegee University, August 2005 to December 2006
  • Lecturer, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, BUET (Bangladesh), January 2005 to August 2005


  • Project Engineer, DJ Engineering, Kansas, August 2007 to 2009
  • Consulting Engineer, BUET, January 2005 to August 2005
  • Intern, Ashuganj Power Plant, January 2004


  • Solar PV, Solar thermal, Wind Turbines, Geothermal
  • Building Energy Efficiency
  • Radiation heat transfer



  • Professional Engineering License, Michigan, USA, 2014
  • Energy Manager in Training certified, AEE, 2015
  • Outstanding Journal Reviewer, Elsevier, 2016
  • Scored 4.1 out of 5 in Instructor and Course Evaluation Survey (ICES), University of Illinois, 2014
  • Davenport Fellowship, Virginia Tech, USA, 2010
  • Completed B. Sc. Engineering with honors, BUET, Bangladesh, 2005
  • Dean’s Scholarship for Academic Excellence, BUET, Bangladesh, 2004


  • Energy and Building, 2015-2017
  • Applied Energy, 2016
  • Energy Conservation and Management, 2015
  • International Journal of Refrigeration, 2015
  • Materials Letters, 2011-2015
  • Applied Physics Letter, 2011-2012


  • K. Roman, et al.. “Selection of prime mover for combined cooling, heating, and power systems based on energy savings, life cycle analysis and environmental consideration”. Energy Build. 110, 170–181 (2016).
  • K. Roman, et al. Simulating the effects of cool roof and PCM (phase change materials) based roof to mitigate UHI (urban heat island) in prominent US cities. Energy 96, 103–117 (2016).
  • MQ Brewster, KT Wang, WH Wu, MG Khan, “Temperature effect on phase-transition radiation of water”,  2014 Journal of Heat Transfer 136 (6), 062704, doi: 10.1115/1.4026556
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  • Sirajus Salekeen, Mohammad G. Kibria Khan and Shaik Jeelani, “High Velocity Impact Properties Characterization of Nano-Phased Bi-Layered Body Armor”, 2011 ASME 2011 International Mechanical Engineering Congress,  IMECE2011-63284, pp. 227-238, doi:10.1115/IMECE2011-63284
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  • Sirajus Salekeen, M. G. Kibria Khan, Mahesh Hosur and Shaik Jeelani, “Ballistic Properties for Nano-Infused Epoxy Composite/Ceramic Armor”, 2009 International Conference on Composites Science and Technology, Sharjah, UAE
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  • Mohammad G. Khan and Sirajus Salekeen, “Fabrication And Characteristics On Thermo-Mechanical Properties Of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes Reinforced Sc-15 Epoxy”, 33rd Annual Student Research Symposium, Sigma Xi, AL 2006
  • Mohammad Golam Kibria Khan, Talha Rahman, MM Alam, “Wind Energy in Bangladesh: Prospects and Utilization Initiatives”, 2004 International Conference on Electrical & Computer Engineering, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • M. G. Kibria Khan, Fazle Mahbub and M.A. Salam Akanada, “Effect of Fillet Radius on Stress Distribution of a Changing thickness Bar Using Finite Difference Technique” 2004, International Mechanical Engineering Conference (Dec. 28~31,IMCE’ 04)

Sustainable Energy Technology
Kibria K. Roman, Ph.D., PE, EMIT