Event Setup

Reservation Forms

  1. The Reservation Form reserves space for a user (person reserving the space) and includes all event information known at the time. The reservation is updated as more information is made available. Information includes:
    • Date, day, reserved time and actual time
    • Reserved time: 1 hour prior & after the event; allows for set-up & teardown
      *** Note there are no Building Services Staff from 2:30 – 4:00 pm, due to shift changes
      *** Add extra set-up time for events beginning in late afternoon
    • Number of attendees (usually an estimated number)
    • User name and phone
    • Set-up requirements; Audiovisual, Food Service, registration, etc.
    • Set-up diagram
    • Set-up diagrams are not drawn to scale; set-up may need to be adjusted to accommodate the room, fire codes, etc.
  2. As various offices on campus are affected, reservations are sent to:
    1. Building Services; Janitorial Supervisor & appropriate departments: HVAC, Grounds, etc.
    2. University Police
    3. Food Service (only if food is being served)
    4. Contact (user)

Miller Campus Center Layouts

Room Set-Up Descriptions & Diagrams

Classroom Style

Tables are set in rows with chairs on one side; chairs face a presenter\screen

  • 5’ WCS (Woodcock Conference) tables: 2 chairs per side
  • 6’ SICO tables: 2 chairs per side
  • 8’ Aluminum tables: 4 chairs per side

Classroom Setup

Café Style

5’ WCS (Woodcock Conference) tables: Seating for 8

  • 4 tables; 2 end to end and 2 side to side; make into one table
  • 4 chairs on each long side/no chairs on short side

Cafe Setup 1 6’ SICO tables or 5’ Roos Tables: Seating for 6

  • 1 table
  • 2 chairs on each long side/1 chair on each short side

Cafe Setup 2

8’ Aluminum tables: Seating for 8

  • 1 table
  • 3 chairs on each long side/1 chair on each short side

Cafe Setup 3

Herringbone or "V" Style (Only requested for classroom or Café table set-ups)

  • Tables are slightly angled.
  • Generally chairs are on each side of the table and tables are set on a diagonal.

Herring Setup

Conference Style

  • Tables are butted together, end to end, to form a square or rectangle.
  • The center is open.
  • Seating is around the outside only.
  • Usually set up 1 table wide

Note: WCS tables (Miller Campus Center): 2 tables wide if a meal is being served

Conference Setup

"U" Shape Style

  • Tables are butted together, end to end, to form a U shape (one side is open).
  • Seating is around the outside.
  • Seating on the inside “U” only if requested.
  • The bottom of the "U" (head table) usually faces a presenter.
  • A "U" shape set up is always used when there is audiovisual equipment requested.

U-Shape Setup

Theater Style

  • Chairs are arranged in rows, with aisles every 10-15 chairs.
  • Stagger the chairs in each row to give the participants a clear line of vision.
  • Chairs normally face a presenter or screen.
  • Allow 4-6” between each chair.

Theater Setup

Banquet Seating

  • Tables are set up in long rows with seating on both sides.
  • Number of chairs per table is dependent upon user request and room size.
  • Banquet seating maximizes the seating in any room. 
  • Keep in mind sight lines and adequate space to move about.
  • WCS tables (Miller Campus Center): 2 tables wide if a meal is being served

Banquet Setup

Buffet/Refreshment Table

  • 2-6' SICO tables are normally used; may need to be pulled away from the wall for 2-sided service.
  • 1 or 2 SICO tables may be requested for beverages and/or desserts.

Buffet Setup

Registration Table

  • 1-6' SICO table with 2 chairs on one side of the table is the normal request.
  • The registration table is usually set up in a lobby outside of the meeting room or just inside the door.

Registration Setup

Helpful Hints

  1. There are a number of tables on campus. They generally fall into these categories:
    • 5’ x 18” WCS (Woodcock Conference Suite)
      • 2 chairs per side; very narrow; set up 2 wide if seating on each side
      • No seating on ends
    • 6’ x 30” SICO tables
      • Folding tables on wheels; 6’ is the most common size; FS does have other lengths
      • Max seating: 6 (2 on each long side and 1 on each end)
    • 8’ x 30”Aluminum tables
      • Folding table in storage; a Work Order is required for delivery to site
      • Max seating: 8 (3 on each long side and 1 on each end
    • 5’ x 36” Roos Tables
      • Folding table on wheels
      • Max seating: 6 (2 on each long side and 1 on each end)
  2. Keep in mind there is a fire code for each room. An event or meeting cannot exceed its maximum capacity. The most commonly used room capacities are as follows:
    • MCC 212-214: 96 (including tables and chairs)
    • MCC 212 & MCC 214 individually: 42 per room (including tables and chairs)
    • MCC 218-220: 30 (including tables and chairs)
    • MCC 218 & MCC 220 individually: 14 per room (including tables and chairs)

Audiovisual Equipment Information

When setting up a room, always keep audiovisual requests in mind. The room set-up should be orientated to provide the best sight lines for the guests. (See Helpful Hint #1)


1 Oak Ceremonial Podium

  • Removable battery operated light (inside podium)
  • Oak binder holder (inside podium)

1 Mahogany Ceremonial Podium

1 Kingston Theater Podium

2 Brown with brass trim


Information Services (IS) will set up as requested

LCD Projector, Computer (PowerPoint)/Screen

Kingston Theater, MCC

  • Control on wall next to AV Room on stage

All other facilities

  • Information Services or user will access equipment (key CH 751)


4 Black easels

  • Set up WITHOUT pad or markers unless specified



Miller Campus Center (MCC)

All other facilities

  • Information Services will set up as requested

Special Events Coordinator
Amber Baines
Phone: 315-386-7918