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Online Course Review Process

The Online Learning Course Committee (OLC) is a peer-review governance body charged with reviewing and approving new and existing online, hybrid courses, and FLEX courses. New courses must be approved prior to online delivery and all previously approved courses must be reviewed every three years. Courses are evaluated using the governance approved Pre-Assessment OSCQR Rubric. The OLC membership consists of a cross-section of campus faculty and staff.

The process for submitting a course for review to OLC is as follows:

1st Step: For NEW courses and EXISTING courses due for re-review:

Request a Course Development Shell

A development shell provides a space in Brightspace to create your course and is what OLC will be evaluating during the course review process.

The development shell contains:

  1. The Online Syllabus: All syllabi of online courses are required to include the components of the College-approved Online Syllabus.
  2. The Pre-Assessment OSCQR Rubric: Developers are required to use and complete a pre-assessment using the College approved OSCQR rubric. The Pre-Assessment OSCQR Rubric file can be found in the Pre-Assessment OSCQR Rubric Directions, located in the "Pre-Assessment OSCQR Rubric - Required" content area of your course menu. It can be downloaded and completed as you build your course. The rubric offers tools, tutorials, and tips for course development and online instructional best practices. A Pre-Assessment Rubric must also be completed for courses in re-review.
  3. Course information resources such as a reformatted course schedule file, rubric examples, exemplary student discussion response, end of semester feedback survey. etc.
  4. Examples of best practices from an exemplary online course.

2nd Step: Notify the Peer Review Online Learning Committee (OLC)

Notify the OLC that your course is ready for review by sending an email to olrc@canton.edu. Submit your course for formal review ASAP, no later than November 1 for winter or spring semester instruction; or April 1 for summer or fall instruction.

For more information or questions on the course review process, please contact the Online Course Committee at olrc@canton.edu.

Visit Online Faculty Resources for course development materials or contact the Center for Learning Design, Innovation, and Online Instruction at cldioio@canton.edu for guidance in developing your course.

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