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Mohawk Hall

This residence hall is located close to Parking Lot 3, and is next door to Chaney Dining Hall. It is also located close to Payson Hall and the Miller Campus Center.

Students and families gathered in groups outside Mohawk Hall

Pet Wing

This housing option is designed for students who enjoy sharing their living space with animals.  It is not a requirement that a student possesses an animal to live on this floor, however, students who have allergies to any kind of animal are strongly discouraged from living in this area due to the various animals that live on these floors.  Residents are permitted to bring small, caged pets from home with the prior approval of the Residence Hall Director.   We’re sorry, but at this time we do not permit dogs (of any size), birds, or snakes in this living environment.  You will be notified during the summer months if you are approved to live in this housing option.  This wing is also designated as Alcohol Free.

Honors Floor

Livings facilities are provided which have a total ban of alcohol use.  Every effort will be made to provide an alcohol-free environment for those students who request it.  In this area, students who are over 21 years of age will not be allowed to possess alcohol.  The 2nd & 3rd floors of this wing are designated as the Grasse River Community, so if you are interested in this wing, please indicate if you are unable to live near animals for allergy (or other) reasons.

All Female

This wing will be reserved for female students only. Pat of this wing will be reserved for Freshmen Only.

East Wing

1st Floor Non-Themed, Co-ed (Triples)
2nd Floor Non-Themed, Co-ed (Triples)
3rd Floor Non-Themed, Co-ed

North Wing

1st Floor Pet Wing/All Female
2nd Floor Pet Wing/All Female
3rd Floor Pet Wing/All Female

South Wing

1st Floor Pet Wing
2nd Floor Pet Wing
3rd Floor Pet Wing

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