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Quick Tips

When planning a trip please take a moment and review the travel policies that SUNY Canton, SUNY Potsdam, and the State of New York have in place. While we all know the basic guidelines for travel, sometimes the little details that must be done escape us as we do not travel all of the time. Please use this Travel quick tips as a guide whenever you are traveling to ensure the fastest possible reimbursement.


  • Complete Travel Authorization Form (T-1). All proper signatures should be obtained on the T-1 before any lodging, airfare or registration are purchased.

  • Please use your N number from your paystub (located near the top and in the center of the stub) instead of your social security number on all forms. This will ensure safety for you as these papers are on many desks throughout the process. Please put your phone number on the T-1 so you can easily be contacted should there be any questions.

  • If you would like to request a NYS Travel Card for your trip, please fill out the Travel Card Application at least 4 weeks prior to your travel. The card can be used for many expenses, saving you out of pocket expenses.

  • Out of state travel - T-1 must be signed by your Vice President.

  • If a state car is requested, T-1 must go to the Physical Plant.

  • If airfare is needed; Contact Child Travel New York at 1-800-774-0655 to order airfare with your travel card. There are no personal reimbursements for airfare.

  • For lodging, check Per Diem Rates on the web for the area you are traveling to. If your lodging is more than is allowed, please complete and send an over the max Lodging Justification, found under campus forms on the website, to Melissa Tulip, at for over the max approval. This must be done prior to going on the trip to ensure that expenses will be covered.

  • Take hotel Tax Exempt (ST-129) form with you to ensure no tax is charged.

  • Please keep in mind all meal reimbursements not associated with overnight travel are considered taxable by the IRS and will show on your W-9.


  • Fill out Travel Voucher

  • Please fill out form to the best of your knowledge and attach all receipts  for reimbursement. If you have questions, check our website, call the travel Office at 386-7555, or email the travel coordinator at

  • Please sign and date the voucher. Have the account manager, who is funding the trip, sign and date the voucher.

  • Remember if you took a personal car to include the Mileage Worksheet with your voucher.

  • All reimbursements will either be mailed to your home or direct deposited into your account – however your paycheck comes. Please allow 3 weeks after submission of the signed voucher to receive your reimbursement.

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Travel Card Administrator
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