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Grammarly: Info for Faculty

How might Grammarly be used in the classroom?

Each time a text is reviewed in Grammarly, a report of errors and suggestions is generated, which can be used in multiple ways.

  • Students can use the reports to identify patterns of errors in their writing, using Grammarly as part of the revision process before submitting final papers.
  • Faculty can reinforce the importance of the revision process by asking students to provide Grammarly reports for paper drafts. They can also collect student reports along with final drafts to confirm comprehension and application of concepts.
  • The instructor may review student reports as a way to identify common errors, and then develop course content to target those specific concerns.
  • Running a paper through Grammarly prior to writing conferences can help students generate questions about how to edit their work. Grammarly may also help them suggest revisions to others during peer review sessions.

Does Grammarly integrate with Blackboard?

No, Grammarly is not integrated into Blackboard. Each individual must register a separate account directly with Grammarly. If faculty would like students to use the service in their classes, please consider adding a link to the Grammarly account setup page to your Blackboard course shells.

Does Grammarly offer any add-ins or apps?

Grammarly offers an add-in for Microsoft Office, a browser extension for Chrome, and a desktop app for Windows. These can be installed from the “Apps” section of the Grammarly editor.


For additional information, please see the full Grammarly Tutorial. To submit a help request, visit Grammarly’s support page. For any other questions or concerns, please contact Melissa Manchester at (315) 386-7308 or email manchesterm@canton.edu.

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