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  • Our lab is currently staffed with both professional and peer tutors. Professional tutors are individuals who have graduate degrees or professional experience in English or a writing-related field.
  • We offer individual and small, group-tutoring for students of all majors at all stages of the writing process—from reading and understanding assignments to formatting and revising final drafts.
  • A typical tutoring session lasts between 30 and 60 minutes and is tailored to the individual seeking assistance.
  • We expect students to come prepared to have a dialogue about their writing; they are asked to bring assignment guidelines, relevant handouts and class notes, and any other materials necessary, such as textbooks or other documents related to their writing projects.
  • One of our primary goals in the Writing Center is to help students become independent learners.
  • All suggestions made by tutors are intended for the benefit of students; written marks are explained orally and are reflective of the conversations had between students and tutors.
  • Students are given opportunities to ask questions in every tutoring session.
  • Students may not drop off papers for editing; they must be present to have a conversation about their work.
  • We do not estimate or guarantee grades for student work or confirm cases of plagiarism.
  • Students are responsible for the written work that they submit to professors; in turn, professors alone evaluate student work.
  • We encourage faculty to send us updated, assignment-guidelines at the beginning of each semester. Interested faculty can email guidelines directly to writingctr@canton.edu. We review these and keep them on file to help us better serve students.
  • We also invite faculty to visit the lab and meet our tutors; we are happy to answer any questions that may arise.

Betty J. Evans Tutoring Center
Learning Commons
SUNY Canton
34 Cornell Drive
Canton, NY 13617

Phone: 315-386-7228
E-mail: tutoring@canton.edu

Spring 2024 Hours of Operation:
Sunday, 1:00 PM to midnight
Late Night Tutoring

Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Business & Accounting Lab
Writing Center

Monday-Thurs., 5:00 PM to midnight
Late Night Tutoring

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