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Legal Studies - Mission Statement

“The study of law should be introduced as part of a liberal education, to train and enrich the mind…. I am convinced that, like history, economics, and metaphysics — and perhaps even to a greater degree than these — the law could be advantageously studied with a view to the general development of the mind.”

Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis

The Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies prepares its graduates for:

  • entry level positions in the legal system,
  • advancement from current positions, and
  • graduate level education including law school. 

Legal Studies is a varied field which interacts with every aspect of civilization including, but not limited to

  • business,
  • crime,
  • human relationships,
  • arts, and
  • science 

A graduate of the Legal Studies program will have learned to

  • advocate,
  • research and assess,
  • effectively communicate ideas both orally and in writing.

Special emphasis is given to the United States Constitution and the rights and restrictions created therein.

Business Department Director
Nick Kocher
MacArthur Hall 422