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Cybersecurity Awareness Month - October 2022

CJIC Advisory Boards

B.S. Cybersecurity

  • Allyson Ingalls, IT Specialist, US Army Signal Network Enterprise Center
  • Cassidy Smith, Network Administrator & Security Analyst, Paul Smith’s College
  • Richard Ingersoll, Director, St. Lawrence Health System 

B.S. Crime Analysis

  • David McBath, Director of North Country Crime Analysis Center
  • Mark Heller, Director, Division of Criminal Justice Services, Crime Analysis
  • Greg Battaglia, Staff Operations Specialist, FBI

B.S. Forensic Criminology

  • Timothy LePage, Director, St. Lawrence County Probation Department
  • Megan LaSala, Forensic Interviewer, Victims Assistance Center of Jefferson County
  • Jody Wheet, Director, National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

B.Tech. Criminal Investigation

  • Dwayne Wisbey, Forensic Document Examiner, Ace Forensics
  • Megan Anderson, Autopsy Technician, Erie County Medical Examiner’s Office
  • Tanya Logan, Latent Print Examiner, Orange County Sheriff’s Office

B.Tech Homeland Security

  • Stephen Maher, Retired Deputy Commissioner, Department of Corrections & Community Supervision
  • Lon Ziankoski, Supervisory Special Agent, Homeland Security Investigations
  • Kaitlyn Tibbetts, Investigative Support Assistant, U.S. Secret Service 

B.Tech CJ: Law Enforcement Leadership & AAS CJ

  • Charles Donoghue, Chief, Watertown Police Department
  • Brooks Bigwarfe, Sheriff, St. Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office
  • Brian Mcauliffe, Superintendent, Riverview Correctional Facility
  • Sean O’Brien, Undersheriff, St. Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office

B.S. Emergency Management

  • Wendy Walsh, Acting Chief Learning Officer, Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • Kristie Etue, Retired Colonel & Director of the Michigan State Police
  • Stephen Conard, Continuity & Emergency Manager, SUNY Albany
  • Brad Marmon, Emergency Management Coordinator, SUNY Upstate University Hospital
  • Eric Day, Director of Emergency Management, Clinton County Office of Emergency Services