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Game Design Mission

The Bachelor of Science in Game Design and Development is a comprehensive program focusing on the design and programming of analog, digital, mobile and computer video games. Students will learn the history of gaming, as well as the most recent technologies to create video games and games for mobile devices. Students will gain a high degree of hands-on experience with the design and development of game application software. Students will learn the theory and fundamentals of game design and programming, such as developing and applying an algorithmic approach to problem solving, using structured programming techniques, and designing and building databases. Courses in the Bachelor of Science in Game Design and Development program provide a focus on game play, story development, and production needs of the industry. Graduates of the Game Design program will have skills to pursue a career creating content for everything from home consoles and computers, to emerging platforms like cell phones and other handheld devices. Studies include production processes used by top studios to design and produce best-selling games. The capstone project for this program is the design and development of a game software application. Throughout the program, students will collect samples of their work and create a professional portfolio to be used in pursuing a job in the game industry.

Game Design & Development
Morgan Hastings
Lecturer & Program Coordinator