Physical Therapist Assistant - Student Learning Outcomes

The curriculum prepares students to:

  1. Communicate verbally and non-verbally with the patient, the physical therapist, health care delivery personnel, and others in an effective, appropriate, and capable manner.
  2. Recognize individual differences, values, preferences, and expressed needs and respond appropriately in all aspects of physical therapy services.
  3. Exhibit conduct that reflects practice standards that are legal and ethical.
  4. Demonstrate safe practice in all situations.
  5. Communicate an understanding of the plan of care developed by the physical therapist to achieve short- and long-term goals and intended outcomes. 
  6. Demonstrate competence in implementing and adjusting selected components of interventions identified in the plan of care established by the physical therapist.
  7. Demonstrate competency in performing components of data collection skills essential for carrying out the plan of care.
  8. Demonstrate sound clinical problem solving in the provision of physical therapy services.
  9. Participate in educating and providing patient-related instruction to patients, family members, and caregivers based on the plan of care.
  10. Complete accurate and timely documentation in accordance with regulatory guidelines to support the delivery of physical therapy services. 
  11. Appropriately utilize evidence based resources in the provision of physical therapy services. 
  12. Participate in activities that contribute to the effective function of the healthcare environment.
  13. Participate in practice management functions within a physical therapy service, including billing and organizational planning.
  14. Demonstrate awareness of and commitment to social responsibility, citizenship, and advocacy.
  15. Identify career development and lifelong learning opportunities for the physical therapist assistant.
  16. Exhibit professional behaviors that are consistent with the expectations of the physical therapy profession.


Deborah Molnar, PT, DPT, MSEd
PTA Program Director
(315) 386-7394