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What to Expect if You Test Positive for COVID-19 or Are a Close Contact of a Positive Case?

Notification of COVID Test Results

If you participate in on-campus COVID testing, or test at any of the community testing sites that use the Upstate/Quadrant mouth swab test, during the Spring 2022 semester:

  • You will receive an email from no-reply@mail.clarifi-covid-19.com that will indicate that your result is ready to be viewed on the Clarifi web portal.
  • We encourage you to check your email regularly, and to check for your result as soon as you get this message from Clarifi. We typically will not call in the evenings to talk with you about your result.
  • If your result says “Pending,” it means it is still in process. All results do not come in at the same time, so even if your friend has received theirs, it does not mean all results are in.

If Your Result Indicates You Are Positive for COVID-19

A staff person will contact you during business hours Monday-Friday (or during the daytime on weekend days) to discuss your isolation plans, symptoms, and any way we can provide support to you.

  • We require you to self-isolate until you receive a phone call from a staff member. This means that you should not leave your home/residence hall room for any reason other than to use the bathroom. You should not attend class, socialize, attend athletic practices/competitions, or go to the dining hall. Once a staff person has contacted you, if you are planning to isolate on campus, they will discuss your isolation housing assignment in Smith Hall, meal delivery, and any further details related to your isolation.
  • If you have an emergency, after-hours medical need, you may contact University Police at 315-386-7777. For emergency questions about on-campus isolation housing outside of business hours, please email isolationhousing@canton.edu.

If we can’t reach you via phone, we may send an email asking you to call us and will provide contact information. During this phone call, the College staff member will discuss with you the following:

  • Your health and wellness: Are you experiencing any symptoms or not feeling well? When did these symptoms begin?
  • Have you attended in-person classes or activities: If so, which classes/events and which days/times did you attend? 
  • Are you vaccinated/boosted?
  • Do you have roommates/housemates? Is there anyone else you have been in close contact with recently?

While we understand that you may typically ignore phone calls from numbers you aren’t familiar with, we ask that while you are in isolation or quarantine you answer your phone as the people calling to contact trace will likely be unknown numbers to you.

Routine Check-Ins for Students in Isolation (COVID-Positive Students)

You will also receive a call and/or email routinely from a College staff member when you are in isolation and will have a direct connection to the Davis Health Center staffing team. If you have any concerns, medical or otherwise, please let us know during this outreach. The Davis Health Center can address any immediate medical concerns you may have, and if you feel your health has gotten significantly worse, don’t hesitate to reach out at any time to the Health Center (Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. at (315) 386-7333 or healthcenter@canton.edu). If you have a medical emergency after-hours, please call University Police at (315) 386-7777 and they will provide assistance to you.