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Information for Residential Students in Quarantine or Isolation

We understand how intimidating and overwhelming it can be to find out you need to move into quarantine or isolation housing on campus, particularly as it can be hard to be away from home and our beloved family or friends when we are not feeling well or are worried. We are here to help you and hope to make this as smooth a process as we possibly can. 

Where is Quarantine/Isolation Housing?

Our quarantine/isolation housing is a designated area on campus, away from our other campus housing, and is not accessible to anyone other than those in quarantine/isolation housing or individuals providing direct care and support. When the College finds out that you need to move into quarantine/isolation, we contact you via phone to relay some information, including:

  • Your housing assignment in the quarantine/isolation housing
  • Your room combination for your temporary accommodations
  • We will also change your card access to provide you swipe-card access to the quarantine/isolation housing, which will also turn off your access to any other residence hall at that time.

As I Move into My Temporary Housing, What Can I Expect?


  • Students are expected to move into isolation/quarantine once they are notified by the campus staff of their isolation/quarantine housing assignment. When moving you should wear a mask and avoid contact with other students and staff.
  • Your card access will be switched from your regular building/room to your quarantine/isolation suite around the time you are moving into quarantine/isolation. The card access system does not allow students to have access to two areas at the same time. As such, once your card access switches over you will no longer have access to your regular building. Please be careful as you move not to get locked out—typically students try to move everything in one trip. You are welcome to use a moving cart, if available, to move your belongings to your quarantine/isolation room, you can leave the cart outside your room once you have moved.
  • You do not need to move all of your belongings. However, you should bring everything you think you might need for the next 10+ days including linens, clothing, toiletries, medications, books, class supplies, chargers, etc.


  • Meals, which are delivered twice-daily directly to your room door at around 12:00 p.m. (noon) for lunch and around 6:00 p.m. for dinner and a bagged breakfast for the next morning. College Association will also reach out directly to you to discuss food needs, allergens, etc. and will provide food choices for your meals at that time.  Please continue to check your SUNY Canton email while you’re in quarantine/isolation!
  • The College has a limited number of mini-fridges and microwaves and will make these available in quarantine/isolation rooms. Should you not have one of these in your room and would like one, please notify the housing staff (reslife@canton.edu). 
  • Students are not permitted to order take-out meals or receive food deliveries other than those from Chaney.

Garbage and Laundry

  • Trash will be picked up outside your room around 10:00 a.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Please bag trash and place it outside your door for pick up.
  • Students may do laundry in the laundry room closest to their assigned quarantine/isolation room. They should avoid contact with any other students or staff while doing laundry.

Care Packages and Snacks

  • You will receive a care package at your door from us after moving in to your temporary new room with information, snacks, and comfort items to help during your period of quarantine or isolation. The Counseling Center also has extra snack bags available (reach out to get one by calling 315-386-7314 or emailing millerm@canton.edu)

Rules and Notes While in Isolation or Quarantine

  • Please use the bathroom closest to your assigned room. There will be a “bathroom closed” sign on the door to the bathroom. The bathroom is closed because we do not want other students to use your bathroom —please ignore the sign and use this bathroom.
  • You should not leave your quarantine/isolation room/bathroom area unless there is an emergency such as a fire alarm. In the event of a fire alarm activation you should exit the building and avoid contact with other students and staff while waiting outside.
  • If you have mail or a package that needs to be picked up at the mailroom please email reslife@canton.edu. They can usually assist with mail/package delivery during normal business hours. 
  • Visitors are not permitted in the isolation/quarantine area.

When Your Quarantine/Isolation Officially Ends

  • When you are released from isolation/quarantine we will update your card access. Students are typically released at 11:59 pm. You are welcome to move after 11:59pm on the night of your release or you may move out first thing in the morning. Please be aware that your card access has probably been switched back to your regular building/room - be careful not to lock yourself out as you move. Please also bag any trash and leave it in the hallway outside your room.
  • To confirm your quarantine/isolation release date, please keep an eye on your SUNY Canton email. For questions, email healthcenter@canton.edu.