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Non-Academic Assessment


  1. Review annually the measures, targets, and findings of the non-academic (non-credit bearing) units of the College, including:
    1. Academic Affairs
    2. Academic Support Services & Instructional Technologies
    3. Administration
    4. Advancement
    5. College Association
    6. Student Affairs
  2. Provide input on selecting, participating in, reviewing, and reporting on, the outcomes of the non-academic surveys implemented.
  3. Serve as a reference/resource to the non-academic areas to develop, refine, and communicate their assessment process.
  4. Assist the non-academic areas with Taskstream use, understanding, and reporting. 
  5. Support a culture of non-academic assessment:
    1. Establish best practices for non-academic assessment at our institution using established non-academic student learning outcomes (SLOs)
    2. Coordinate and align non-academic assessment practices and academic assessment practices to the extent that it is appropriate to do so
    3. Facilitate a yearly non-academic symposium
    4. Maintain ongoing non-academic assessment data to support our institutional accreditation with Middle States

Non-Academic Assessment Committee

This committee is representative of the non-academic divisions across the campus and includes student representation.

  • Chair: Johanna Lee, Academic Support Services
  • Co-chair: Kristin Roberts, Student Affairs (Student Conduct)
  • Secretary: Erin Lassial, Academic Support Services & Instructional Technologies (International Programs)
  • Standing Member: Kirk Jones, Director of Assessment
  • Standing Member: Sarah Todd, Director of Institutional Research
  • Richard Thayer, Student Affairs (Online Student Engagement)
  • Lashawanda Ingram, Student Affairs (Diversity) 
  • Derek Converse, Administrative Services (Environmental Health & Safety)
  • Ed Smith, Administrative Services (Information Services)
  • Sean Conklin, Administrative Services, (College Association)
  • Tonka Jokelova, Academic Support Services & Instructional Technologies (Center for Learning Design, Innovation, & Online Instruction)
  • Sara Hartman, Advancement (College Foundation)
  • Maurizio Paniconi, Academic Support Services & Instructional Technologies (Admissions)


Executive Reports

Non-Academic Assessment Results

Additional Resources

Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs

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Director of Assessment
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