Non-Academic Assessment


  1. Lead the annual review of institutional effectiveness as it relates to assessment within various units and divisions of the College that do not deliver traditional classroom education or engagement, including:

    1. Academic Affairs
    2. Academic Support Services & Instructional Technologies (ASSIT)
    3. Administrative
    4. Advancement & Canton College Foundation (CCF)
    5. Student Affairs
  2. Provide input on selecting, participating in, reviewing, and reporting on, the outcomes of the non-academic surveys implemented.
    1. Review results sourced from these surveys and assist in developing plans for effectiveness.
  3. Serve as a reference/resource to the College to develop, refine, and communicate the assessment process.
  4. Assist with the use of Taskstream (software repository). 
  5. Support a culture of institutional effectiveness through assessment:
    1. Establish best practices for non-academic assessment using established non-academic student learning outcomes (ISLOs) and institutional goals.
    2. Make institutional effectiveness accessible, clear, and consistent by aligning non-academic assessment practices with academic assessment practices to the extent that it is appropriate to do so.
    3. Facilitate a yearly non-academic symposium.
    4. Maintain ongoing non-academic assessment data to support our institutional accreditation with Middle States.
  6. Support institutional effectiveness through the use and assessment of the strategic plan:
    1. Assessment plans are created in alignment with the institutional goals and objectives.
    2. Yearly review of the institutional strategic plan and provide recommendations for updates, edits, and other changes to make the document continuously relevant.
    3. Report yearly assessment findings to the Executive Cabinet along with recommendations for strategic planning.

Non-Academic Assessment Committee Structure & Composition

Reporting Structure Flowchart - President's Cabinet to Executive Cabinet to Non-Academic Assessment Committee to committees

  • Chair: Johanna Lee, ASSIT/Academic Affairs
  • Co-chair: Kristen Roberts, Student Affairs
  • Secretary: Shelly Thompson, ASSIT/Academic Affairs
  • Standing Member: Kirk Jones, Director of Assessment & Interim Dean of SBLA
  • Standing Member: Sarah Todd, Director of Institutional Research
  • Ambassador: Derek Converse, Administrative Services
  • Ambassador: Sean Conklin, College Association
  • Ambassador: Sara Hartman, Advancement & CCF
  • Ambassador: Erin Lassial, ASSIT/Academic Affairs
  • Ambassador: Maurizio Paniconi, ASSIT/Academic Affairs
  • Ambassador: Rebecca Snyder, Strategic Relations & Communications

Non-Academic Cycle of Assessment

Infographic: Displays cycle of non-academic assessment. NAAC reviews plans, conducts symposium in June, develops recommendations in July, Executive Cabinet reviews and provides recommendations to President's Cabinet.


Executive Reports

Non-Academic Assessment Results

Additional Resources

Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs

Peggy A. De Cooke, Ph.D.
SUNY Canton
MAC 610
34 Cornell Drive
Canton, NY 13617

Fax: 315-386-7945

Director of Academic Assessment
Kirk Jones, Ph.D.
MacArthur Hall, Room 502

Chair of Non-Academic Assessment
Johanna M Lee
Learning Commons, Room SL 115